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The Million Dollar Homepage Poster

Internet art that made history

The Million Dollar Homepage Poster

Internet art that made history

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The Million Dollar Homepage Poster

$22,500 worth of pixels!

21 years old and facing a monster overdraft: it’s typical. We’ve all done it, haven’t we? But how do you turn from an indebted student into a self-made millionaire in a matter of months? Observe this quirky poster and learn – it’s a large-scale version of a legendary webpage that made its owner a mint from doing very little indeed, and it might just trigger off a genius idea of your own.

The Million Dollar Homepage Poster

Linny counts her ad revenue

Measuring 60cm x 60cm and in full glorious colour, every detail is visible in this poster’s high-gloss finish – and the story itself has a finish that can’t be beat either.

The tale began in August 2005, when Alex Tew decided one evening that he needed to solve his financial problems fast. After just a few minutes of brainstorming he wrote down three words: Million Dollar Homepage.

The Million Dollar Homepage Poster

...another $22,500 slice of internet history!
(And we've found Wally!)

The idea was, like all the good ‘uns, awesomely simple. Alex made a webpage and sold advertising space by the pixel. When someone clicked on an advertiser’s pixel, they went straight to that company’s website. Kind of like an online notice board in the newsagent’s window, but with one incredible difference: people were prepared to spend big and get in on the story.

Four months later, the page had made a whopping $990,000. As the story got bigger and bigger, more and more people wanted a slice of the ad action, and the final slot on the page went for $38,100 – not bad for under five months’ work.

The story has become written in Internet legend and appeared in every paper and blog around the world – now you can own a piece yourself by getting hold of this awesome poster version of the finished page, absolutely exclusive to Firebox. Get this up on your walls and get thinking. The next big idea could be yours!

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Please Note:
  • By Alex Tew (2005)
  • Full colour poster print
  • Gloss finish
  • 60cm x 60cm
Don't forget to check out the real Million Dollar Homepage!

Customer Reviews

Whats the size of the poster?
Harry Skerry - 27th November 2011
Firebox says: Hi Harry. the poster is 60cm x 60cm
People like Alex should live far away from stupid people! The world is full of them... His idea works now too but since his accident with the sue trial... not all companies or business websites will buy/rent pixels. I made my own and I hope will work because will be another piece of history for Romania. As I know I am the only Romanian with this kind of website on internet. Thank you Alex! Nick, Romania.
Nick - 10th September 2011
Firebox says: Good luck Nick!
Hmm - strange idea so You want the people not only looking at Your adverts (which gave You million dollars) but also paying for an advert in home? I will never understand this - probably ;-).
Mek - 28th June 2011
Tenthousandpromos. Com if you've missed out on Alex's MDHP! get your spot before its filled and you miss out again. btw. . I did order a poster and I love it ;).
Steve - 17th March 2011
The poster is cool, but the quality is ehh. A bit thin, and has some kind of semi-gloss coating that just doesn't have that 'perfect' feeling. I was expecting a bit more for how expensive it was, especially considering the cost of shipping to NY. I'm still glad I got it.
Chad von Nau - 3rd March 2011 really is a piece of internet history.
Nigel - 7th March 2010