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AirCurve Play

Self-powered iPhone speaker

AirCurve Play

Self-powered iPhone speaker

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Showing the stand on the AirCurve Play

Stand on the rear

Ears are ace. You can hang stuff off them, listen out for carnivores with them, even stick candles in them. What we really love about ears though, is their ability to scoop up the noises of phone calls, music and polyphonic ring tones. It’s almost as if evolution itself was crying out for the invention of brilliant telephone technology to use its ears for. And what we’ve got here is evolution itself – a brilliant new dock for the awesome iPhone that works like an ear to amplify noises for you to relish.

The AirCurve Play is a dock, but not as you know it. What’s ultimate about this little beauty is that it amplifies all the output of your iPhone using clever air tubes that increase the volume to a satisfying 10 decibels without using any extra batteries or juice.

AirCurve Play stood portrait

Switch round to portrait

Just as the swirls and curves of the human ear guide noise to the brain with a smart configuration of patterns, the AirCurve Play contains tubular channels that spit out noise with extra oomph, like you’d get with an ancient gramophone horn. This means you won’t be forking out for batteries or sucking ‘leccy out of the sockets when you want to amplify your iPhone. Neat!

Whether you use it as a hands-free speaker, a bedside alarm clock, even a tidy little desktop music station, AirCurve Play rocks a look that’s never out of place thanks to its gorgeously see-through, weighty acrylic design. Compatible with iPhone 4, it’s more than a match for Apple’s masterpiece of mobile design.

It’s a beautiful meeting of mathematically precise engineering and drop-dead good looks – like the ear itself. But unlike the human ear, we don’t recommend sticking a candle in it or getting your AirCurve Play pierced in five places. We tried it, and it plays merry havoc with the acoustics. Keep it simple – and get your phone louder, for free!

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Compatible with iPhone 4

iPhone 4

  • Amplify the sound of your speaker
  • No batteries required
  • Amplifies to 10dB
  • Works as an iPhone dock (cable not included)
  • AirCurve Play Acoustic Amplifier
  • 12cm(W) x 9cm(D) x 4cm(H)

Customer Reviews

Just ordered one for my daughter she wants to know if its very bassey!
Wayne Lloyd - 9th August 2012
Firebox says: Hey Wayne, the bass on this is pretty good. It amplifies up to around 10 decibels if that helps any.
This is just the docking I was looking for it's perfect but I've got a ipod are you going to make one for ipods. The ipod ones are to dear.
Connor Doherty - 18th November 2011
Firebox says: Hi Connor, sorry, we've not got any immediate plans to get one in for the iPod.
Great item, perfect for the bedside table. It makes such a difference when listening to music or even just hearing the alarm! It's simple to use, just press your iphone 4 in to it, stand back (or lie down) and be impressed. In fact the only drawback to it that I've found so far is that there's not much clearance between the charging aperture on the iphone and the body of the speaker so you need to use a genuine Apple sync/charge cable and not an aftermarket 3rd party charger. All in all though, great product and performance for the price.
Mark - 21st April 2011
Do you ever get sick of people asking "Does this work with a (insert name of something other than an iPhone 4)"; when you specifically state in the description that it only works with the iPhone 4?
Chas Paynter - 20th March 2011
Does the air curve work with a iPhone 3.
Cheryl - 8th March 2011
Firebox says: I'm afraid the AirCurve is currently only compatible with the iPhone 4
Please confirm... compatible with iPhone 4, is it compatible with ordinary iPhone? (don't know what my brother has. And what about this cable it doesn't have - what is it and where do I get that? Bit off putting to see it's not got the cable and I don't even know if it's required... Thanks.
Gillian - 3rd March 2011
Firebox says: The AirCurve works more like an acoustic amplifier, so there's no audio cables involved. In other words, you just slot your iPhone in and you're all set.