iREMember Dream Recorder

Digitises your dreams

iREMember Dream Recorder

Digitises your dreams

Sorry, this product is not available.

April Fool Product 2009!

GOTCHA! Yep that's right, this product was part of our April Fool range for 2010. We apologise if you are disappointed... or just sitting there red-faced! You can see our other April Fool products here.



Sleeping is definitely one of life’s greatest pastimes. Just ask Garfield. But the best part of sleeping has to be dreaming. Where else can you experience the splendour of a tartan hippo’s picnic under the bright green sky of Salvador Dali’s sausage allotment than in the land of dreams?


Comfortable Headgear

Okay, that’s pretty random, but then dreams usually are. One night you’re meeting Michael Jackson on the Planet Tharg, and the next you’ve inexplicably figured out how to fly before turning up at school naked. Yikes! Still, more often than not we’d like to recall our dreams, and that can be infuriatingly tricky.

That’s where the iREMember Dream Recorder comes in. This ultra sleek gadget wirelessly syncs to its accompanying headgear and automatically starts recording when you enter REM sleep. But how? It might seem a bit sci-fi but thanks to the super high density EEG electrode cluster, a previously unheard of amount of data can be monitored by the device. Amazing!


iREMember Unit, AV Cable and USB cable

While this technology is relatively new, the patented Filter and Decoder make the iREMember a world first. They ensure the iREMember stores and converts useful information into an actual video. The resulting video file (up to 60 minutes) can then be copied to your PC or Mac via USB, or you can plug the unit directly into any TV with the handy AV cable (included). To say this is utterly jaw-dropping stuff is an understatement of epic proportions.


Eric catches some Zs

Of course we recommend you vet your recordings before showing them to friends and family. Our head buyer inadvertently gave us a bit too much insight into his inner psyche when he proudly showed us a lovely dream. A lovely dream that quickly descended into a video of a gang of screaming clowns chasing baby chimps into a fiery canyon. Nobody sat next to him at lunch for a week.


Linnéa analyses her recurring nightmare

Dreams have been responsible for inspiring artists, musicians and writers since the beginning of time, so being able to directly reference them will be invaluable for creative types. Lucid dreamers could even direct their own Hollywood blockbusters while getting a good night’s sleep! The iREMember is going to be massive, so get yours now and be one of the first. As John Lennon once said: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you will join us, and the world will live as one.” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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Please Note:
  • Video/sound quality can vary greatly from person to person.
  • iREMember headgear fits most adults, not recommended for children.
Trouble Shooting:
  • I've recorded my first dream, but the quality is so bad I can't see what's going on. What can I do?
    Some dreams just don't translate very well to video, try a few times and remember to keep your iREMember unit within 5 meters of the headgear to avoid synching problems. Also be sure to sleep in total darkness with no background noise for a better quality of sleep which can translate to a better recording.
  • I've recorded a dream, but there's problems with the sound. How can I fix it?
    The recording process can add some distinctive artifacts to the sound. This will be corrected in a future update which you can apply to your iREMember unit via USB.
  • My iREMember won't record, what can I do?
    Make sure the iREMember headgear is fitted securely and both the unit and headgear are fully charged before sleeping.
  • My iREMember still won't record, what's wrong?
    It's possible there's a manufacturing fault, see the returns procedure for more info.
Technical Specification:

Recording time 60 min
Internal Memory 2GB
Video Resolution VGA 640 x 480 pixels
Video Compression Pure Digital Video Engine 2.5
Frame Rate 30 frames/second
Video Format Advanced Profile MPEG-4 AVI
Average Bitrate 4.0Mbps (auto-adaptive algorithm)
Battery Type 2x Internal Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Battery Life Up to 2 hrs of recording or 5 hours of playback between charges
Charge Time Via computer USB port - approx 3 hours
Dimensions 7cm (L) x 5cm (W) x 1.6cm (D)
Weight 110g
Connectivity Mini USB Jack (up to USB 2.0 speed)
TV Out PAL (cable included)

  • 1x iREMember Dream Recorder Unit
  • 1x iREMember headgear
  • 1x AV cable
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Instruction booklet
  • 1x April Fools Joke

Customer Reviews

You guys got me good then! My birthday's coming up and I was just calling my hubbie in to check it out as a present idea!--he thought I was going bonkers at first but then he read the above part / and fell for it too!!! || || great prank fire box--you got us both good!
Anna - 14th June 2010
Wow, I also fell for this one, and it's not even April! Darn you!! haha But I also do believe this is possible! I have recently been interested in researching on the stages of sleep, and the Rapid Eye Movements (iREMember really got me initially interested, since it's the REM stage when we actually dream) so this fooled me GOOD! It's a good idea though, and I wouldn't be surprised if something like this came out one day!
Manuel Rojas Jr - 20th February 2010
Where and how can I buy this amazing product because it's not available on this sight.
Jack - 10th August 2009
Firebox says: Sorry Jack, it was an April Fool's joke....and a very good one at that! This product does not actually exist.
Well, it's a good joke. With the current technologie, we're not able to do that. It would be awsome, if this kind of technologie would exist. I'm sure, that someday, it will be possible, but not now, in our days.
Spike8742 - 26th July 2009
This is possible though!! think about it, the part of the brain that produces dreams can be programmed to pick up and translate those signals onto a tv!! It is done today but in a more crude from to see what is happening in the brain.
Shameer - 14th June 2009
I recorded the coolest dream ever!!! It is soo cool!
Someone - 4th April 2009