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iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit

Keep gizmos gleaming

iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit

Keep gizmos gleaming

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Touch screen gizmos are all very impressive but you have to touch them. Lots. And because your fingers are greasy, mucky and coated in a layer of unidentifiable gunk, beloved screens soon resemble windows dipped in chip fat and sprinkled with dust, dandruff and gawd knows what else. So thank goodness for the iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit.

Forget the snazzy name (and you probably will), this is the world’s first ‘wet cleaning’ system for touch screen gadgets, and it’ll keep your smartphone, iPhone, PSP or whatever looking like it’s just stepped out of the salon.

Simply pop off this ultra sleek doodah’s cap to reveal a sponge tip that soaks up special cleaning fluid from an internal (refillable) reservoir. Then rub the tip over your gizmo to ‘wet clean’ its surface. Finally give it a buff using the included micro-fibre carry-pouch. Genius.

It’s a bit like one of those all-in-one shoe cleaning thingies, only much smaller and rubbish at cleaning shoes. It even comes with an integrated soft-tipped stylus for all you sausage-fingered gadgeteers who keep calling the local curry house when you’re trying to access your emails. Don’t ask how but this ingenious pen-like doodah somehow fools touch screen devices into thinking it’s a finger, so you can whizz through menus without getting your gizmo greasy.

As well as removing dust, stains and fingerprints, the Cleaning Kit provides an anti-static, anti-bacterial finish so screens stay cleaner for longer. Plus you won’t catch some weird lurgee if greasy-pawed mates have been having a fiddle.

Did we also mention that this soon-to-be indispensable bit of kit includes a nifty pin to help remove obstinate iPhone SIM cards? We didn’t, did we? And that’s because we’ve been so busy polishing our gizmos we really can’t concentrate. So get ordering, and don’t just keep your screens nearly clean, keep ‘em really clean.

more info

  • Touchscreen cleaning pen
  • Stylus and SIM card pin
  • Micro fiber pouch
  • Instruction manual
Suitable for:
  • iPod touch
  • iPhone
  • Smartphones
  • Plus any other touch screen devices (including Nintendo DS Lite)
  • Approximately 7cm(H) x 4.5cm(W) x 1.2cm(D)

Customer Reviews

I liked the cleaner but I found the stylus to be useless, I was expecting a smaller stylus, not a thick circle of foam and my phone screen doesn't recognize the stylus most of the time :(.
Jennifer - 13th June 2012
Firebox says: Hey Jennifer, sorry to hear you were not satisfied with the cleaner, drop us a line with your order details to and we will see what we can do for you.
I bought 3 of these, and they do not work. In my view a total waste of money and am now thinking twice about buying form Firebox.
IAN SMITH - 11th February 2012
Firebox says: Sorry to hear that Ian, please drop us an email to as we'd be happy to help you out.
Can I use it with my Amazon Kindle 4?
Tahir Vivian - 28th January 2012
Firebox says: Hi Tahir, We have not tested it, its designed for use with a capacitive touch screen, which the Kindle 4 does not have (I believe it has a infra red touch screen) I hope this helps!
Total disappointment. While the liquid to clean works OK, the stylus that comes with it keeps falling off, ant the SIM pin attached as well, and it's very annoying. After two days of using the stylus, the point is completely blunt and deformed. When I carry it in the bag, the pieces keep falling of and I have to reassembly it every time. Not worth it. :(.
Pablo Hernandez - 8th January 2012
Firebox says: Hi Pablo, that's no good, drop us an email and we'll happily help you out (
Just got this and it works like a charm and the stylus is better than I expected after reading what other people have said about it on here. Can I use the cleaner on the metal back of an iPod Touch 4th gen and on the non-touchscreen of a Nintendo 3DS?
Rob - 22nd October 2011
Firebox says: Hi Rob, it should be fine to use on the metal back of your iPod and the non-touchscreen of your Nintendo 3DS. It may not be as effective, but it should still work and shouldn't cause any damage.
Great little cleaner. I haven't used the stylus or the iPhone SIM tool but the cleaner is brilliant and both the finish and the liquid contents last for quite some time. For those experiencing a dry tip (easy now!), I found the same thing. Due to the wadding inside the solid body, the fluid requires a little encouragement. I find that holding by the non-tip end and flicking it a couple of times before use solves this issue. Alternatively, storing the cleaner tip side down and letting gravity do this job for you works just as well.
Ginga - 23rd September 2011
Firebox says: Thanks Ginga, there's some great tips for your tips there!