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Valentine's Day Mystery Box

Surprise, surprise!

Valentine's Day Mystery Box

Surprise, surprise!

Sorry, this product is not available.



Finding Valentine’s Day pressies can be trickier than singing I Will Always Love You with a red rose between your teeth.

Each Valentine’s Day Mystery Box contains at least three (count ‘em, three) properly romantic Firebox products. What’s more you’ll be saving over £5 off the total RRP of the items inside.

If any cynics out there think we’re trying to pull a fast one by off-loading old stuff we can’t shift, fear not. Every product in every Valentine’s Day Mystery Box is currently available at full retail on (with the exception of a bonus product!). So you know it's all gravy.

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Please note: This product can only be shipped within the EU.

For Him Box - This box may contain nuts (this is genuine allergy advice, not cheeky wordplay). Not suitable for vegetarians.

  • Valentine's Day Mystery box will come in a "question-marked up" (as shown) brown box – although you have the option of Gift Wrap like you do for all Firebox products. Please tick the option at check out. Choose from 5 different styles of wrapping paper.
  • Size varies depending on the contents of the box.
  • Products included may be the same if you order multiple quantities of a specific Valentine's Day Mystery Box at the same time, so please bear this in mind if you are giving the same version of Valentine's Day Mystery Box to different people who will be opening them together... Well, you never know, do you?!

Customer Reviews

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Mine just came this morning & I had a little peek...quite good, In it were these *******, ******** & *********, which I was gonna purchase separately from here...glad I didn't. I was happy with it, hope my mum will be too. Thanks Firebox.
Samy, Bradford - 12th February 2010
Firebox says: Glad you like it Samy! We have to keep the contents secret though!
Thank you Firebox, you have done it again! Box came on time and it's a complete mystery even to me what it holds. . Hoping my bf will love it :).
Tiia, Dublin, Ireland - 11th February 2010
Can it be given to a man???
Ellie, South West, UK - 10th February 2010
Firebox says: There is one for 'him'
Can Normal Mystery boxes be purchased now... friends B-Day coming up and after V-Day might be too late.
Ollie, Belfast - 9th February 2010
Firebox says: We're currently working on our new mystery boxes, but they'll be back shortly after V-day!
When are the valentines mystery boxes available till?
Clare, Corby - 2nd February 2010
Firebox says: Right up until Valentines day!.
Can this be sent to Germany?
Antony, Maidstone, UK - 1st February 2010
Firebox says: It certainly can. Just select Germany from the country drop-down list under 'delivery address'.
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