Walk this wa...zzzzz


Walk this wa...zzzzz

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Zip yourself in!

Cocooning yourself in a sleeping bag is all very snuggly, but have you ever tried dancing to gingangooly without unzipping yourself? It's not easy. In fact, unless you fancy caterpillaring around the campsite, trying to do anything other than sleep in a traditional sleeping bag (no nudging at the back) is virtually impossible. Step forward - and we mean that quite literally - the incredible MusucBag.

As you can see, this revolutionary wearable sleeping bag is more of a suit than a bag, giving maximum mobility and keeping you warm as toast. Snuggled into a MusucBag you can move your limbs freely, stand up, walk, cross your legs, do the David Brent dance - whatever. Finding a comfy sleeping position is easy. Cramp, what cramp?


Sleep standing up!

But it's not just about keeping warm on your next polar expedition or preventing your devil's-horn hand from freezing off at some festival campsite. The MusucBag is ideal for loafing about in the house, especially if you're sick of eye-watering heating bills. Think of it as your new, improved dressing gown.

Invented by Chilean industrial designer, Rodrigo Alonso Schramm (not him again), the bag features a cosy integral hood, plus reversible zips, so you can unzip your arms with ease whenever you need to shoo away polar bears, remove icicles from your nose or switch channels. Who'd have guessed dressing up as a futuristic Teletubby could be so practical.

Colours available:






All bagged up

But what's it like in terms of cosy-ocity? Well its lining is made from soft-touch nylon with a polyester hollow fibre bonded filling. And whilst we're not entirely sure what that means, we do know that each MusucBag can withstand temperatures as low as -13°C. Brrr-illiant!

Available in various new colours & sizes and featuring a reinforced crotch area(?) and higher quality zips, this innovative suit is set to become a must-have accessory for outdoorsy-types and couch potatoes everywhere. You'll never want to clamber inside an old school sleeping bag again. Unless it's with Barbara Windsor circa '72. Oops, sorry...we just dozed off in our MusucBag again. Zzzzz

Size Guide:



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Please note:
  • Suitable for ages 16 years+
  • Hand wash with a soap detergent.
  • Do not iron.
  • Tumble Dry (max 30 °C).
  • It's a mobile sleeping bag!
  • Great way to save on central heating bills
  • Alternative to a dressing gown for lounging round the house
Improvements on earlier version:
  • Reversible zip at the bottom of the main front zip
  • Better quality material and stitching
  • Zips are now YKK
Size guide:
  • Medium – Up to 5 feet 7 inches ( 1.70m )
  • Large – Up to 6 feet 3 inches ( 1.90m )
Temperature ratings:
  • Extreme Temp: -13ºC / 9ºF
  • Limit Temp: +2ºC / 36ºF
  • Comfort Temp: +7ºC / 45ºF
  • As tested by European EN 13537 standard (EU NORM)
  • Suit lining: Soft Touch 210T/70 Nylon
  • Filling: Polyester Hollow Fibre Bonded 200g/sqm high performance

Customer Reviews

A tip for those who find the legs a bit long for moving around. Buy a pair of adjustable webbing straps and strap these round the legs of your suit at the ankle, obviously not too tight but tight enough to stop your suit 'feet' wobbling about. Works a treat. Got my straps from Sports Direct brand; Karrimor £2. 99 each. Straps have quick release buckles and are 1m long in the small size. This is not a problem as you can cut them down, or if you want to use them for other stuff (ie securing your camping gear), just wrap the excess around your ankles and tuck 'em in.
Roy Evans - 23rd December 2012
BRILLIANT!! Got one of these for my birthday and absolutely LOVE it! Would recommend it to any keen campers!
Polly - 2nd October 2011
I used this on a typically cold British August BH weekend and it was great. Really comfy and it kept me lovely and warm while sat outside the tent in the evenings. One of the nights was particularly cold though and I did need extra blankets - so I would say it is definitely only for summer camping. Also, if you are a bit on the short and round size the Medium may not be comfy. I’m 5’4” and got the Medium size, but as I was 7 months pregnant at the time it was a bit of a squeeze! Swapped it for a large, and although it’s obviously too long on the legs, it’s much better for stretching and rolling around at night in without being constrained. Overall, a great product. And a big thank you to Firebox who redelivered my replacement size direct to a field in the middle of the country!
Jo Morrison - 31st August 2011
Firebox says: Great to hear Jo, and it was our pleasure!
So is this really a summer sleeping bag given the temperature ratings?
McG - 15th August 2011
Firebox says: It does have some great ventilation zips McG, allowing for good temperature control.
Really fancy one of these but am of the short and round variety. Have you got any more detailed sizing guides? Don't want to be squeezed in or have the crotch below my knees - not an awesome look!
Clemmie - 9th August 2011
Firebox says: We totally understand Clemmie, it can be a bit hard to judge. But if it doesn't fit, you can always return it (within 30 days) for a full refund.
I'm 5 foot (exactly) and won't grow any more. Will the medium size be too big on me? If so, will you be stocking a 'small' size? And if not do you know where I could get one :(?
Tiny Ella - 28th July 2011
Firebox says: It will be a big large, the problem tends to be with the legs and arms bunching up, however it's still definitely usable. Unfortunately we're not aware of a small size being available.