Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Wake up next to a legend

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Wake up next to a legend

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Batteries (4x AA) for Black / White

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Watch a demo of the alarm function here!



Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Push down to illuminate
the time

Being woken up by an alien invasion force doesn't sound like much fun, does it? But when the invasion force in question is a bunch of original Space Invaders, it's positively geektastic!

Ladies, gentlemen and anyone else who wasted the 80s fiddling with their joysticks, introducing the Space Invaders Alarm Clock. Exclusive to Firebox and fully licensed by the pioneering boffins over at Taito, this memory-jogging timepiece utilises the groundbreaking sounds and visuals of the greatest video game in history to stir you out of boboland.

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

When it's time to wake up... the magic happens!

Simply set the alarm and when morning comes the retro casing of this ultra-stylish gizmo lights up in all kinds of crazy colours. But that's just for starters because a squadron of Space Invaders appears on-screen accompanied by a cacophony of familiar sound effects. You'd have to be a right dum-dum-dum-dummy not to be blown away.

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Simple time/alarm set button

Just as sinister, ominous and excruciatingly compelling as the game it honours, the Space Invaders Alarm Clock is the ideal pressie for geeks who remember the days when your status was determined by your high score. It also serves as a practical tribute to a global gaming phenomenon. It's enough to make you want to slip on your slacks and head down the arcade on your roller skates.

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Black and White

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Set and mode buttons
on the legs!

Did we mention that the backlit LCD screen also displays the time and date? Well it does, but who cares about the time, getting to work and all that dull malarkey when you're face to face with the appendage-waggling blighters that spawned a thousand playground impersonations.

We think this stunning gadget is gonna fly off the shelves faster than you can say 'Mum, can I have another ten pee?' So hurry up and use your firing finger to hit the Buy button. Game and lie-in over!

more info

  • Wake up to Space Invaders animation and sound!
  • Approximately - 9.2cm(W) x 8.5cm(H) x 9.5cm(D)
  • Weight: 130g
battery requirements
  • 2x AA batteries - not included

Customer Reviews

Terrible. works for a month or so waking up to an annoying noise them it changes the time during the night so I end up being late. Plus the back light is only on for about 3 seconds.
Chris - 20th September 2010
Smaller than I thought, batteries didn't last long, not very loud and the screen isn't exactly readable in daylight...the tunes good though :) good thing for gaming fans xx.
Emma - 7th June 2010
I bought one of these for my 16 year old son for Christmas but he didn't like it! I was secretly pleased that he didn't :-) I am now the proud owner and I just love it, its very easy to use and looks very cool.
Sarah Pearson - 17th February 2010
If you're a retro freak like me then you have already let out a high pitched squeal at the thought of this fantastic product. The actual alarm function works very well as it isn't so loud as to shock you awake, but loud enough to shake you from your sleep. However the clock itself is rather tinny and unless you press the light feature you cant actually see the time (or at least not very well) Luckily I bought this in the sale so I didn't regret spending a fraction of the price for what is essentially just a bit of fun for geeks and gamers alike. All in all i'd give this a 7/10. funky fun, just don't expect it to be taking over the world any time soon.
Amber - 13th January 2010
Awesome, only let down by the fact that you can't actually play Space Invaders on it.
Peter - 26th October 2009