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Glow in the Dark Wrapping Paper

Wrapper's delight

Glow in the Dark Wrapping Paper

Wrapper's delight

Sorry, this product is not available.

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Some people spend yonks choosing their wrapping paper. Which is odd given that most of it is about as visually stimulating as the test card and gets ripped to bits in seconds - unless Auntie 'ooh, let's keep this lovely paper' Nora is the recipient. But thanks to Glow in the Dark Wrapping Paper making your mind up is a no-brainer.

As its name suggests this is wrapping paper. That glows in the dark. All it needs is 15 minutes of sunlight to make its stars glow in the dark for a whopping 24 hours.

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    Please Note:
    1 Pack: 2 Sheets of glow wrap includes:
    • 1 x Red sheet
      • 1 x Green sheet
        4 Packs: 8 Sheets of glow wrap includes:
        • 4 x Red sheet
          • 4 x Green sheet
          • Each sheet measures 85cm x 59cm

Customer Reviews

Lovely looking paper, but leaving it in the sunlight all day resulted in about 10mins of poor glowing. Not impressed - could have got normal star paper much cheaper!
Kate, Chertsey - 24th December 2012

Tom, Birmingham - 15th November 2011
Firebox says:
As soon as this product was delivered to me, I left it in the sun. The next morning I found out that I left it outside!! (Luckily it didn't snow that night!) I wrapped my presents with it. In the dark it looks great with Christmas tree lights above.
Sam Andrews, Pontypridd - 8th December 2010