Haunted Portraits

Gone, but not forgotte...aargh!

Haunted Portraits

Gone, but not forgotte...aargh!

Sorry, this product is not available.

Unfortunately Uncle Percy is no longer available. Please check back at Halloween later this year... it's likely he will return onto the site then, mwah ha ha!




Uncle Percy

Along with creaky doors and flickering lights, no haunted house would be complete without a few creepy family portraits. Which is strange given that most of them just sit there looking about as scary as the Count off Sesame Street.

Thankfully Haunted Portraits are guaranteed to scare the pants - and quite possibly the vests and socks - off everyone unfortunate enough to clap eyes on 'em. And that's because they transform into vampires, zombies or bloodthirsty maniacs before your very eyes. Eek!

Haunted Portraits

Little Ruthie

At first glance these spooky pics look like antique photos of dearly departed relatives. But clever lenticular (no idea) technology causes each eerie image to miraculously morph into a hideous ghoul as you walk past. A bit like those advertising boards that change depending on the viewing angle.

There are five Haunted Portraits to collect: Uncle Percy, a dapper chap who becomes a rotting cadaver; Granny Hazel, a stern old biddy who morphs into a decomposing zombie; Grandpa Zachary, a distinguished gent who moonlights as a toothy demon; Aunt Tilly, a hat-wearing lady with a flesh-eating disorder and a thing for cobwebs; and finally Baby Jane, *cue ominous nursery rhymes*, a sweet little girl who’s, erm, dead. Which is nice.

Haunted Portraits Haunted Portraits Haunted Portraits

Aunt Tilly

Baby Jane

Grandpa Zachary

Hand-made from quality materials, each 5"x7" Haunted Portrait is genuinely unnerving, even before the ghoul within is revealed. We're talking Nosferatu/Norman Bates' mother/Salem's Lot levels of creepiness here, folks. Indeed, we've got a few hanging in the entrance hall here at Castle Firebox and we've already received umpteen dry cleaning bills from quivering couriers who've soiled their pants in terror.

Ideal for Halloween shindigs, ghostly gatherings, horror buffs and anyone with a twisted sense of humour, Haunted Portraits will add a putrid touch of flesh-tingling dread to even the jolliest of dwelling. So hurry up and get ordering before we run out of brave souls to staff our stockroom. Aargh!

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Please note:
  • Requires a standard 13cm x 18cm frame for maximum effect
Our Ghostly Relations:
  • Aunt Tilly
  • "In late October when it's cold and chilly,
    We may get a visit from dear Aunt Tilly.
    Just smile politely and let her in,
    And pay no mind to her fleshless grin... "
  • Grandpa Zachary
  • "Beware the stare of Grandpa Zack,
    You never know when he might attack! "
  • Granny Hazel
  • "A nocturnal creature, old Hazel was known to walk the forest at night gathering strange herbs. Children were warned to avoid her little cottage, tempted though they were by the smell of freshly baked gingerbread..."
  • Uncle Percy
  • "Uncle Percy rose to join the ranks of the walking dead. The horror was too much for Granny Hazel and she was driven to madness. She ended her life amid the moans of her zombie son as they scratched relentlessly at the door..."
  • Baby Jane
  • " Baby Jane, poor Baby Jane, She wandered off into the rain.For weeks we hoped and prayed in vain, Just wishing she'd turn up again"

Customer Reviews

This page is confusing. The description lists 5 portraits available, but there are 6 on the page, also, you cant buy granny hazel even though she is one of the five mentioned!!! I think this page needs revisiting and amending!!
Robert Brooks - 12th October 2011
Firebox says: Hi Robert, thanks for letting us know, and our apologies for any confusion. Our fantastic design team have now amended this page!
I bought Aunt Tilly for a friend for his birthday, and he loves it! She looks amazing in a frame, I want one for myself and another friend wants them all! You should add more to your stock, these are amazing!
Kitty - 25th November 2010
Great for Halloween or all year round! When I found them, I thought it was a great idea. I intend on getting more at some point. However, I agree that they are overpriced for what they are. I am hoping to see them on a special offer at some point.
Chris - 2nd November 2010
Way way overpriced for what it is!!!!
Chris - 25th October 2010
Haunted picture + telling my boyfriend it was a picture of my auntie when she was young = one scared boyfriend. Hahahhaa.
Laura - 17th October 2010
Last Halloween, with nothing touching it, out of nowhere the glass in the frame containing Uncle Percy just cracked and the whole thing fell off the wall… Scared the wife half to death! Since Halloween we have left them up and they have amused/scared many visitors, particularly because many of our friends were already convinced the house was haunted long before we got these wonderful pictures. This year I am seriously considering adding Aunt Tilly and Grandpa Zachary to the family if I can get lay my hands on the same kind of frame I have for the others….
AC - 8th October 2010