Sparkling Vodka

Waiter, there's a bubble in my vodka!

Sparkling Vodka

Waiter, there's a bubble in my vodka!

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Sparkling Vodka


All of our favourite drinks have got bubbles in 'em: lager, champagne...erm, Tizer. In fact putting bubbles in quality drinks is such a great idea we can't believe vodka has escaped fizzification for so long. Step forward Sparkling Vodka.

If you're looking' for bubbles you've come to the right place because this premium Swedish vodka is brimming with the poptastic little blighters. Made using high-quality grain from the celebrated* wheat fields of Scandinavia and water sourced from the underground springs of Töllsjö, this exceptional spirit has been continuously distilled five times before it is naturally carbonated.

Sparkling Vodka

Add your twist to this unique drink

But how does it taste, we hear you yell in parched anticipation? Well, sipping Sparkling Vodka is a whole new drinking experience. No, really. For starters you pop the cork champagne-style, bringing a fabulously theatrical element to proceedings. The vodka itself is smooth and crisp, and the bubbles give it a wow-factor that's hard to describe. It tickles and kicks like you wouldn't believe. Think of it as vodka with added va-va-voom or Sex and the City in a glass. Failing that, think of it as a potent neutral spirit full of fizz.

Taking into account its 40% alc/vol factor, Sparkling Vodka demands respect, so it's best sipped neat as the ultimate shot, or combined with your favourite mixer. And that's where the fun begins because the possibilities are endless. It will add a bubbly twist to martinis, screwdrivers, bloody marys and even champagne cocktails. Talk about double bubble trouble.

Sparkling Vodka

Just two serving suggestions to whet your appetite

The people behind Sparkling Vodka insist it must only be consumed when chilled to 4°C, and who are we to argue because chilling it certainly adds to the overall experience. Bring a bottle to a dinner party and the champagne one-upmanship gang will soon vanish into the shadows. Sparkling Vodka: 1, Regular Champers: nil points. Haha and hiccup!

*Dunno about you but we celebrate them all the time.

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Sparkling Vodka

Nice on ice

Please Note:
  • 40% alc. vol.
  • Once opened the Vodka can stay sparkling for up to 8 hours
  • If the bottle has not been finished, it can be saved by using a champagne stopper, which will keep the vodka sparkling for up to 3 days
  • You must be 18 or over to purchase this product.

Customer Reviews

I brought this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved it! I love everything that came with it, and it taste good! Thank Firebox.
Chloe - 5th March 2012
I am a big fan of Firebox. Who wouldn't be? great products at good prices. Usually. This is a waste of time, for me. Yes, it's vodka with bubbles. And? You could achieve the same result with vodka and soda water. A total waste of money... No, an outrageously-priced product! Sorry! Avoid unless you want to pay for disappointment!
Brian - 20th August 2011
Are the shot Glasses included in the purchase?
Emily - 15th May 2011
Firebox says: No.
Doesn't it lose the fizz after it's been open a while?
Jo - 20th April 2011
Firebox says: Like all things bubbly, it will eventually lose it's beloved fizz.
I bought the gift set for my boyfriends birthday he totally loved it (: He decided to open it and give it a try eventually, I got to try a little bit too, gotta say firebox, hats off to you this is most amazing vodka ever :D Will definitely be buying the bigger bottle next time.
Emma - 18th November 2010
Firebox says: Awesome, Glad you loved it!
Bought for a friends birthday for something a little bit different :) It went down well as a present and for drinking ;) lol.
Lorna - 14th November 2010