Sketch n' Sniff


Sketch n' Sniff

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  •  10 deliciously mouthwatering scents
  •  Sniffing is the new chewing
  •  Made from recycled newspaper with biodegradable erasers
  •  Your writing stinks!


Whenever we're doodling in our sketch pads (anything to relieve the tedium of gadget fiddling) we like nothing better than sniffing our pencils. And that's not because we're weirdos, it's because our pencils are Smencils.

These quirky, eco-friendly pencils make writing and sketching as much fun for your nose as it is for your eyes because they're infused with natural scents that waft up as you use them. And we're not talking eau de pretentious scents; we're talking Black Cherry, Bubble Gum, Cinnamon, Cotton Candy, Grape, Orange, Rootbeer, Tropical Blast, Very Berry, and Watermelon.

Yes, we know it's a crazy concept but once you start scribbling with Smencils you'll never want to smell that leady/woody aroma of a regular pencil again. It's actually rather inspiring. We've already sketched a picture of an orange tree, drawn a vineyard and written a screenplay based on the life of a sweetie magnate who invites all these kids to his facto...oh darn,

Made from recycled newspaper with biodegradable erasers, each non-toxic Smencil will retain its gourmet scent for at least two years - that's a lot of sketching and a lot of sniffing. Mmm...Watermelon!

Individually packed in tubes to preserve their scent, Smencils come in packs of 10. You won't know whether to hold 'em under your hooter or start sketching. Try both. We love the smell of Cotton Candy in the morning!

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Please Note:
  • These are not colouring pencils, they're just regular graphite pencils
  • Packs of 10 are not random (see list below)
  • Made from 100% recycled newspaper
  • Features biodegradable erasers
  • Maintains scent for 2 years, when stored in the tube
  • Each Smencil is packed in a plastic tube to retain the scent
  • Suitable from 3yrs - 16yrs
  • Smencil Pack of 10 contains:
    • Black Cherry
    • Bubble Gum
    • Cinnamon
    • Cotton Candy
    • Grape
    • Orange
    • Rootbeer
    • Tropical Blast
    • Very Berry
    • Watermelon

    Customer Reviews

    I got one from a friend and that night taking notes in class I ate it because it smelt so good. I had the rootbeer sented it was good>.
    Austin - 2nd February 2013
    Have had mine for 6 and a half years, and I still love them :P. Actually great pencils for drawing, and they smell great.
    Bronwyn - 25th November 2012
    I have several of these that I bought from a friend that was using them for a school fundraiser actually. I have some that have lasted for over 5 years. I get some every year or so, but the ones I got at the very beginning, still smell wonderfully.... Its the same company, same exact ones. I keep them in the tubes and I love the way they sketch also. I love the smell of cherries and rootbeer as I sketch in the morning.
    Molly McIntyre - 10th November 2012
    Firebox says: Hi Molly, they're pretty resilient, but 5 years must be a record! For a more festive flavour, take a look at our Christmas Smencils.....
    These smencils are amazing! I've never had anything like them before I can't believe I never got them sooner! Thank You Firebox!!!!!
    Sophie - 8th January 2012
    Firebox says: Glad you like them Sophie!
    Heavenly! I suddenly became popular with my sweet smelling smencils. Don't refrain from buying them! Ahh; smencils. Mmmm.
    Tash - 22nd November 2011
    WANT THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!
    Katie - 10th October 2011
    Firebox says: Woah now Katie! Happy to see that you're incredibly excited about the Smencils! When they do come into stock, remember not to stick them up your nose!