Brick USB Memory Stick

Building on a classic idea

Brick USB Memory Stick

Building on a classic idea

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Brick USB Memory Stick
Carrying around snippets of computer content on titchy USB sticks is all the rage these days. But most flash sticks are about as visually stimulating as bricks. So how come the Brick USB Memory Stick is one of our favourites?

Brick USB Memory Stick

Just stick it in!

Quite simply because it resembles a toy building brick - you know, the self-locking plastic ones kids and infantile adults use to build skyscrapers, massive robots and entire model villages. Simply pull it apart to reveal the sciencey metal bit and slot it in your computer's USB port. Genius.

Brick USB Memory Stick

New: Pink!

Brick USB Memory Sticks are the perfect size to dangle from your keyring or pop in your pocket. Just make sure you don't drop yours in the enormous biscuit tin full of real play bricks under your desk (surely you've got one?) or you'll be rummaging around all day. Probably best to attach it to the included lanyard and keyring strap.

Brick USB Memory Stick

2GB / 4GB

2GB / 4GB

2GB / 4GB


Brick USB Memory Stick

Collect them all

Available in red, blue or yellow, with 2GBs or 4GBs of memory, these take-anywhere blocks are ideal for storing, safeguarding and transporting all kinds of data: from blueprints of your next building project to more mundane things such as spreadsheets, music files and photos of blocky Star Wars characters. They're almost as versatile as the bricks upon which they are based. Speaking of which, you can actually snap them on to the genuine articles. Perfect if you want to hide your secret files in the base of your latest towering construction.

Brick USB Memory Stick

Keep it around your neck for extra coolness!

While most of you will be content with one or two of these nifty little storage devices, the more dedicated fan could buy hundreds of the colourful little doo-dahs (oh, go on) and construct a memory-packing model of the Eiffel Tower. Mon dieu!

We think Brick USB Memory Sticks are the funkiest little storage solutions around, especially if you're into retro-ironic playthings. Don't memory stick it, memory brick it.

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Please Note:
  • This product is not sponsored, authorized or endorsed by the LEGO® Group of companies
  • Keyring attachment and lanyard included
  • Windows & Mac compatible
  • Measures approximately: 3.1cm (L) x 1.6cm (W) x 1.1cm (H)

Customer Reviews

I have one of these in pink and its GREAT!! all my mates love it and were amazed when I said it was a usb stick!
Lucie - 20th December 2009
Does anyone know whether this will connect to a regular lego brick?
Henry Squirrell - 2nd September 2009
Firebox says: Physically yes, via USB? No.
Any chance if anyone can tell me whether the usb stick works with Vista?
Scott Palmer - 11th December 2008
Firebox says: It is compatible with Windows, and it works the same as a normal Memory stick.
The 'Brick USB' is a replica of the lego brick if you didn't notice "DUH!" It comes in three different colours and has a choice of 2GB or 4GB. I've got to be honest it's pretty damn cool! When my friends saw it they said "GOSH you have a lego brick - that's ... amazing!?" -_- THAT was until I showed them it was a USB and they were like "OH...!" yeahhh ... they didn't see that coming ;).
Babylittlekelvin - 19th October 2008