Vinyl Coasters

Stick it on the record

Vinyl Coasters

Stick it on the record

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Vinyl Coasters

Drink with style!

As any ageing music snob will tell you, vinyl ruled. True, records were cumbersome, prone to scratching and jumpier than Mexican beans. But these groovy sonic platters had personality. And that's why they're still venerated by know-it-all musos. It's also why Vinyl Coasters make ideal pressies for the music aficionado with everything.

Crafted from original vinyl centre sections, these double-sided drinks coasters have been skilfully trimmed, then laminated to protect your surfaces (and the labels themselves) from scratches, scuffs and ring marks.

There are six randomly selected coasters in each box, so you never know what label or artist you're going to get. It might be an old Motown classic, a so-naff-it's cool concept album, an obscure movie soundtrack, a reggae masterpiece or some Peel-approved platter by a new wave act you've never heard of.

Vinyl Coasters

As well as making use of defunct records that would otherwise have ended up on the scrapheap, Vinyl Coasters are guaranteed to stir up the conversation at soirees, especially if there's a music snob in attendance. We had no idea Jimmy Page played guitar on It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones. Fascinating stuff. Sort of.

If you're old enough to remember putting a penny on your stylus, just seeing all the familiar (and not so familiar) labels will bring the memories flooding back: Capitol, Warner Bros, Epic, Island...we could go on. So we will: Columbia, HMV, Polydor - the list is endless. Even if you've no idea what we're talking about, Vinyl Coasters make unique and practical additions to any surface.

Apart from plonking your steaming cups of cocoa on a diamond-encrusted silver salver balancing on the head of a two-foot tall butler dressed as Lucifer, we can think of no better place on which to rest your beverages. Rock 'n' roll!

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Product Features:
  • Each coaster is made from a real vinyl record
  • As these are recycled from old records the design/artist/record company cannot be guaranteed
  • Pack of six comes in a cardboard wallet

Customer Reviews

Very disappointed. The quality of the laminate is awfull and rough round the edges, all are full of air bubbles. Some are scratched underneath the laminate too. I'm also very annoyed there are two blank coasters in the box too. Can't believe I payed £16 for this.
Rose - 12th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Rose, it sounds like you have received faulty Vinyl Coaster, please contact and we will happily refund you or send replacements.
Disappointed in quality, some bits of plastic (presume trimmed from records in manufacture) trapped under the plastic covering. Plastic covering looks like sticky backed plastic - not really laminated. Bubbles in the covering not smoothed out. One record was from a demo that someone had just made with printed labels - not really a proper record. May return once I discuss with my wife as we want them for a birthday gift to someone else.
Ross Duncan - 7th September 2011
Firebox says: Sorry for the disappointment Ross, they really are made from random recycled records, so some blemishes may exist. If you do wish to return them, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Just a small thing, the descriptions mentions they come in a clear plastic case, whereas, mine came in a fairly battered carboard case, with a window on the front, I would of preferred the plastic wallet.
Dave - 20th December 2010
Firebox says: Sorry about that Dave, this was recent change by the manufacturers, we have now amended this on the site. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
The idea of actual vinyl coasters is just good fun too a vinyl record collector like myself. I was worried in the beginning after reading a review that someone was disappointed with their coasters. It is after all random. And that is what makes this even more exciting when opening the parcel up, it feels like xmas and I was over excited with my ones!I got a very nice variety with different colors from different records, Motown record, rund dmc and much more. Some of them even had some old writing on them as it seems these are old records actually owned by someone. Save the planet and buy reused record coasters I say! And they look good on any table!
Kamil Grzybowski - 4th October 2010
I bought these for a friends 50th birthday, who is a big music fan. The quality is rather good considering they were once records they are well laminated and should work well as coasters. I didn't recognise any of the records, but I knew the selection would be random. I am still pleased with them and im sure my friend will like them.
David Nightingale - 17th May 2010
This product was disappointing! The selection of coaster in the box I received was very bland (white with plain black text)- nothing like the example pictures on the website! :(.
Becky - 13th May 2010
Firebox says: The Coasters are selected at random and you are always welcome to return them to us if they don't meet your expectations.