Mood Duck Radio

Are you 'avin' a bath?

Mood Duck Radio

Are you 'avin' a bath?

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Batteries (4x AAA) for Mood Duck Radio

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Mood Duck Radio

Turn the head to switch on

There are loads of birds we'd like to share a bath with. And Mood Duck is definitely in the top five. Okay, the top ten. Well, top twenty at least. This ingenious little bath duck has been created to relax and entertain bathers of all ages, as it functions as a fully waterproof AM/FM radio and relaxing colour-changing mood light. Simply pop it in the tub or sit it in the shower and enjoy.

Yes, we realise being serenaded by a bobbing, glowing plastic ducky is somewhat silly. But so is shaping your hair into a shampoo horn whilst gargling What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor, and everyone does that. Don't they?

Mood Duck Radio

Twist the tail to tune in

A simple on/off button activates Mood Duck's calming, colour-phasing internal LEDs, whilst twisting this cute little quacker's head switches on the radio and controls its volume. Tuning is achieved by fiddling with the rotating tail. All of which is highly amusing and means the lights and radio run independently, so you can have lights, sounds or both.

Mood Duck Radio

Now chill out with the Mood Duck Radio!

Powered by 3xAAA batteries, this stress-relieving comedy waterfowl is ideal for chilling out come wash time. Believe us, listening to the radio whilst gawping at a mesmerising light show beats listening to the tap drip whilst watching the mirror steam up any day of the week.

You can even match radio stations to moods: upbeat ravey ones for quick showers, chillaxing ones for long soaks and speed metal ones for high intensity sessions with the loofah. This really is a duck for all occasions.

Mood Duck Radio
A brilliantly quirky gift for anyone who washes and likes music (hopefully all of you), Mood Duck Radio is destined to become the bathroom must-have of the year. So hurry up and get ordering. It's duck season. Quack!

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Mood Duck Radio
Please note:
  • This is not a toy. Not suitable for small children
Product Features:
  • Colour changing mood light
  • AM/FM radio
  • Volume level
  • Waterproof
Battery requirements:
  • Requires 3x AAA batteries - not included
  • Mood Duck Radio - approximately 13cm (W) x 13cm (H) x 9cm (D)
  • Packaging - approximately 17cm (W) x 16cm (H) x 11cm (D)

Customer Reviews

Started off as a good purchase. It was a christmas gift for my girlfriend last year. She was able to find her favourite stations and listened to it both in the shower and the bath. On the negative side. This eats batteries. We had to change them every couple of weeks and in the last moneth, it has just died. It's not expensive but I would have at least hoped for over a years usage. Overall, an ok product. Not great.
Ger - 2nd November 2012
Firebox says: I have dropped you an e-mail to hopefully resolve this!
Terrible firstly you can not have very many bubbles because in the back of the head there is a speaker and if one drop of anything gets in there it goes all funny, silly place to have it. Secondly it has to be pitch black to even see the light again a waste of money. Thirdly it takes forever to find a radio station and make it so there is no fuzzy background then you have to top you're bath up with hot water. DO NOT BUY YOU WILL DEEPLY REGRET IT. WASTE OF MONEY.
Joel Pearce - 27th February 2011
Firebox says: We're sorry to hear you're so disappointed Joel, please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss it further.
I think the mod duck is amazing and works really well definitely buy it it is amazing. If you don't buy it your missing out!
Bobbycorns - 29th January 2011
Well I haven't tried it out yet, got to buy batteries, but I ordered it late afternoon yesterday (Thurs) and it arrived on my desk at work Fri morning! That's the fastest standard delivery I've ever had!!
Sarah - 10th September 2010
I got this for my boyfriend last Christmas because he loves rubber ducks. We both absolutely love it, especially me. Not only do I use it in the bath, but in the shower too. Just turn on classic FM and you feel relaxed in both bath and shower mode.
Linsey - 30th January 2010
Duck is great. I bought it for my singing brother and also he is expecting baby soon. Anyway I think it will be bigger joy for him than for baby in bathroom. Thank you!
Magda - 19th November 2009