Solar Fairy Lights

Starry, starry night

Solar Fairy Lights

Starry, starry night

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The idea of hanging twinkly lights around the garden is a great one. Unfortunately regular fairy lights are liable to short-circuit the second you unfurl the mains lead extension. Not so our hassle-free Solar Powered Fairy Lights.

Solar Fairy Lights
The clue's in the name because these magical lights are powered by one of the hottest stars in the universe. No, not Jessica Alba (although that would be good). We're talking about the sun. So as well as being eco-friendly, you won't have to run cables out the back door or risk electrocuting your guests come nightfall.

Solar Fairy Lights

Ultra bright LEDs

Thanks to ultra bright LEDs, any outdoor space will be transformed into an enchanting grotto of twinkliness. The effect is utterly captivating. Use them to decorate branches, doorways, trellises, shrubs, parasols, statues of Bill Oddie - whatever. Squint and you could be in Neverland (fictional dream world, not Jacko's gaff).

There are six different modes to choose from, including constant, fast flash, slow flash, fast flicker, chasing and combo. There's even a built-in automatic dusk sensor plus various timer settings so you can program your lights to switch off once you've gone to beddy byes.

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6 Different Modes (Flash required)

Solar Fairy Lights

5 hour charge = 8 hours power

But what about the solar power stuff, we hear you ask? Well, a five hour charge gives about eight hours of power. So unless you're planning to party all night in Antarctica, you're laughing. Speaking of partying, there's no need to cry over spilt beer or crummy weather because the powerful battery is encased in waterproof housing. Leave it outside all year round. Result.

Solar Fairy Lights

Mode / Timer

Short of training a load of glow worms to squirm around the garden in formation, we can think of no better way to add a touch of glimmer-glamour to your outdoor soirees. You'll wonder why you ever bothered with pesky mains powered party lights. So get ordering and prepare to be dazzled.

Solar Fairy Lights

Clip Solar Panel somewhere to bask in the sun's rays

Hang lights anywhere

Hang control panel and set mode and timer.

more info

  • Lights for up to 20 hours once charged.
  • No wiring, easy installation.
  • No electricity bills.
  • Turns on automatically at dusk.
  • On/off switch (overrides automatic function).
  • 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty.
  • Charges in all daylight conditions.
  • Fully waterproof for use in all conditions.
  • 3 timer modes for best winter performance.
  • 2 meters of cable between solar panel and control box.
Battery Requirements:
  • Rechargeable batteries included and fitted.
  • Solar panel approximately 9cm(W) x 12cm(D)
  • String of 50 LED lights approximately 5 metres
  • String of 100 LED lights approximately 10 metres

Customer Reviews

I bought some of these and they worked very well over Christmas, however once I had taken them down and packed them away, I tried to use them again at a bbq recently and charged them as instructed but they simply failed to come back on again, really disappointed as I regularly buy from Firebox and have not been let down by any products from them before but this has really been a naff experience.
Sharen.baker - 4th April 2011
Firebox says: I can't find your order Sharen, so please just drop us an email with the details and we'll look into it. (
I bought these lights back in November and they are fantastic. I have them on our patio trellis and with all the sun in Cyprus they get fully charged all the time. I also have been getting a lot of nice compliments about them. Well worth the buy.
Pauline Gillies - 4th February 2011
I bought some of these 2 years ago now, and they have been wrapped around a fir tree in the back garden and have lit up constantly, great little performers. (even had them on the flashing mode at Christmas). Unfortunately they have started to get some water damage and fail light-by-light, but considering some of the weather we have had in the last few years - especially the winters I'm really not surprised. I am going to order some replacements now, so here's to another few years (at least) lighting up the back garden!
David Godfrey - 23rd August 2010
Have only just received these (Aug 09) but wanted to point out that the design has changed a little from that described above. The control box no longer has a 'TIMER' function - it now has a separate ON/OFF button and MODE button. Bit of a shame as the Timer function seemed a good idea for stretching the life of the batteries over Winter. But the rest of the design appears to be the same, including various flashing modes.
Geoff - 26th August 2009
Firebox says: You should be able to set the timer using the mode function - give us a ring if you need a hand!
These lights are brilliant. Super bright and after a sunny day last well into the night (ours hardly charged at all in darkest winter though). Highly recommend.
Tony - 21st March 2009
Great lights, good brightness, good modes, I will hang the lights up this weekend and take a clip to show you what they look like up and running!
Kate - 21st November 2008