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Desktop Coffee Maker

Wake up and smell the coffee - without leaving your desk!

Desktop Coffee Maker

Wake up and smell the coffee - without leaving your desk!

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Desktop Coffee Maker

Make two at once!

Starsky & Hutch loved it, Niles and Frasier are hooked, and the entire cast of Friends just can't seem to get enough of the stuff. What are we talking about? Coffee of course! This brain-boosting beverage is currently enjoying unparalleled levels of popularity and its ability to keep the Sandman at bay is unquestionable. Without coffee the whole UK economy would grind to a halt. Perhaps that's why coffee is regarded as the world's premier (legal) liquid stimulant.

Desktop Coffee Maker

Smell the coffee

But let's face it, there's coffee and there's coffee. Because whilst almost everyone enjoys a quick mug of instant, nothing can compare with genuine filter coffee. Why, its mere smoky aroma alone has been singled out as a serious house-selling tool. Sadly, enjoying filter coffee at work can be a bit of a bind. If you are heading to the kitchen suddenly EVERYONE wants a cup, and frankly, who has the time? For this reason, may we present the fabulously compact, fuss-free Desktop Coffee Maker.

Desktop Coffee Maker

2 Black mugs included

This smart little device allows you to make your own delicious filter coffee from the comfort of your own desk. Forget flashy, unnecessary features; Desktop Coffee Maker does exactly what it says and is the perfect gift for lazy bean lovers everywhere.

Just think, instead of having to traipse to the communal kitchen area for your daily caffeine rush, or wait for someone to pop out to the local overpriced, overcrowded and over here US-style coffee shop, you'll now be able to plug this little baby in and make a cup of invigorating filter coffee without leaving your chair. After all, the problem with most filter machines is that they make a whacking great jug load of coffee, forcing you to play mother and share with everyone.

Eminently portable, Desktop Coffee Maker takes up very little room and makes a chic addition to your work/snooze space. In fact, buy one of these and you really will wake up and smell the coffee on a daily basis.

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Desktop Coffee Maker

Mains powered

Please Note:
  • Mains powered only
  • 1 x Desktop Coffee Maker
  • 2 x Small Coffee Mugs
  • 1 x Filter
  • 1 x Scoop
  • 1 x Instructions
  • Approximately 14cm(W) x 20.5cm(H) x 18cm(D)

Customer Reviews

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Chris Chapman, Manchester - 26th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Chris, thank for the feedback, please let us know if you are having trouble with your coffee maker at

Sarah, London - 16th November 2012
Firebox says: Please get in touch with us at Sarah and maybe we can help!
Will it make just one cup at a time, its for my desk and only need one at a time?
P, Stockport - 12th November 2012
Firebox says: Hey! Yes it does make just one cup at a time.
The Desktop Coffee Maker is a fantastic creation. A design, simplified down to a water unit, coffee filter and unit and a place to put your cup, small enough to fit the corner of your desk. It produces a perfect cup of coffee every time! Worth getting without a doubt!
Thomas Trowles, Great Totham, Essex, UK - 3rd October 2012
In order to gain an extra 30 seconds of pillow time in the morning, can I leave the switch on and plug it into a timer? The only timed ones I have found do around 10 cups at a time and cost like a million pounds (ish).
Jack, Coventry - 22nd February 2012
Firebox says: Hi Jack, we cannot see why now!
I bought this for my coffee loving friend for her birthday, as well as one of the "coffee to go" looking cups with the silicone lid. I was a little nervous about the coffee machine considering I got it at a bargain price in the sale, I thought there had to be a catch. As it turns out, she LOVES it. It makes great coffee, and is a very sturdy and reliable product. I am, to say the least, very impressed with this product. Have bought from Firebox numerous times and not once have I been let down :) Thank you, Firebox! You're amazing :D :D :D.
Freya, Devon - 16th February 2012