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Condiment Gun

BBQ-night special

Condiment Gun

BBQ-night special

In Stock

  •  Feeling saucy, cowboy?
  •  Two 'cartridge' bottles included
  •  Sturdy, oversize revolver-style mould


Fire some flavour on your food with this powerful, oversized sauce-shooter. Showdown at the HP corral or chilli sauce at high noon, it's all gravy.

Simply load up the Condiment Gun's cartridge (two supplied) with your favourite sauce, bung it in and squeeze the trigger. Once you're suitably sauced-up, slip the safety on, give it a spin and holster that bad boy... till the next hot dog comes calling.

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Please note:
  • Sauce is not included!
  • Sauce cartridge: holds approximately 100ml of sauce
  • Approximately 20 squirts to empty the cartridges
  • 1x Condiment Gun
  • 2x Condiment Cartridges
  • Condiment Gun - approximately 21.4cm(W) x 15.5cm(H) x 6cm(D)
  • Condiment Cartridge (with nozzle attached) - approximately 13cm(H) x 5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Another one of the many brilliant inventions on this site, bravo to firebox for this one.
Billy, Nottingham - 30th June 2014
Great gadget, makes food even more fun. Is it the same as the condiment gun that was on Big Brother.
Aphra, Scotland - 4th August 2010
Firebox says: Yes, it certainly is!
Can you buy individual bottles for brownsauce or somethig? :P.
Rach, Notts - 2nd July 2009
Just got one of the first batches of condiment guns and it hasn't disappointed. A real MUST if you're having a barbecue party/ want to be top chef with your mates. Easy to use, fire and clean afterwards. Good work. Chris.
Chris Bisiker, London - 16th August 2008

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