BBQ Sword

I've got no beef with you

BBQ Sword

I've got no beef with you

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BBQ Sword

On guard!

In days gone by noblemen would cook their bangers, burgers and chops by skewering them upon their trusty swords and plunging them into a raging fire. Or did we just make that up? Who cares, because the magnificently silly BBQ Sword allows you to do exactly that. Well, sort of.

This brilliant BBQ accessory is actually a twin-pronged fork fashioned to resemble a musketeer-style sword. It even comes with a cut-out cardboard mask so you can spear treacherous chicken thighs and impale all the king's hot dogs without revealing your true identity.

BBQ Sword

Stainless steel hand guard protects you from the flames

As well as its utterly idiotic swashbuckling qualities, the BBQ Sword is a pretty nifty cooking implement. Its fat wooden handle will ensure you don't drop your freshly barbecued nosh over the château parapet and its comedy hand guard will protect freshly laundered cuff ruffs from dripping fat. Maybe.

More importantly this magnifique stainless steel sausage stabber (try saying that after a few glasses of port) is infinitely more effective, not to mention elegant, than a regular fork or cumbersome BBQ prodder.

BBQ Sword

The cardboard mask will keep your identity a secret

Whether you're prancing round the garden making a total Athos of yourself, flummoxing guests with your frankly ridiculous mask or thrusting away at a regiment of seditious quarterpounders, the BBQ Sword is guaranteed to become your new favourite cooking implement. Most impressive of all we've managed to write over 200 words without mentioning pork swords. En Garde!

BBQ Sword

Beautifully packaged

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This item cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

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Delivery details:
This product can only be delivered to addresses within the UK.

Please Note:
  • This is not a toy!
  • Only use this product for cooking
  • Sharp prongs can be dangerous
  • Do not use while under the influence of alcohol
  • Keep away from children
  • Must not be used to settle a duel
  • Sausage not included
  • Free cardboard Musketeer mask to keep your identity secret
  • BBQ Sword is made from stainless steel, handle made from wood to keep your hand cool
  • Stainless steel handguard protects you from flames
  • Prongs designed for skewering and turning
  • Makes sausages sizzle and ladies swoon!
  • Approximately: 49cm (L) x 11cm (W)

Customer Reviews

I bought this for what I can only describe as a "BBQ enthusiast". When it arrived, I was quite impressed. It is well made and I suppose it really does look like a real sword. My friend liked it but, I must say, it is perhaps a little overpriced for what you get. Packaging is nice though ;).
Pen - 17th October 2011
Incredibly, unfortunately can not buy something in Germany. Many greetings Peter. - 14th August 2011
Good product - seemingly well made and by Dad loved it!The skewer is slightly shorter than I was expecting.The wooden handle so far has been strong enough. Good fun!
Edward - 26th January 2011
My next door neighbour has one of these and they are amazing!!! So, I've bought the father in law one so he can attack anybody who tries to take over his bbq :).
Neil Brennan - 22nd July 2009
Simply brilliant gadget! Have owned one for over a year now, it has always given me sterling results in the BBQ field. Of course it has the likeliness to be regarded as a joke item, but except from the odd comic family photo, it is far from a joke to use. You can turn steak, sausages and especially chicken, with ease. With either a slight outside grip and turn motion, as for sausages. Or a full on lunge and flip for steaks & chicken! This has revolutionised my BBQ experience and with the summer creeping in and BBQ season already in full swing, you have got to grab yourself one!
Danny McLaren - 12th May 2009
I was so excited when I saw the three-foot box by my door, and so disappointed when I pulled out the 19" skewer. As a fencer, I think the mask is a necessity to be seen waving this thing around. Sure, it'll be great for camping, but... it's so short! I believe the word is "inadequate. ".
Figment - 27th July 2008