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Polaris RC Snowmobile

Scarf and mitts sold separately

Polaris RC Snowmobile

Scarf and mitts sold separately

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Owning a snowmobile is cool. In fact in terms of making a complete 007 of yourself these snow-munching vehicles are unsurpassed. But slicing through the white stuff can be a pricey business, so thank goodness for the Polaris R/C Snowmobile.

Polaris R/C Snowmobile

Radio Controller

With its sturdy suspension the rechargeable Polaris is designed to boing across the snow with the greatest of ease. But what do you do if global warming has already taken its toll in your neck of the woods? Easy, you remove the skis and pop on the included indoor runners. These clever little guys have tiny wheels so you can drive your Polaris indoors when the weather isn't playing ball. Genius!

Talking of driving your Polaris, you control the action via a twin toggle transmitter: left, right, forward, reverse - it's just like the real deal. You can even switch on the headlights for night cruising and ramp up the power with some turbo boost.

Polaris R/C Snowmobile

Caterpillar-style track grips!

Sub-zero in terms of style, this speedy snowmobile is one of the most unique R/C vehicles we've ever had the pleasure to play with - and we've played with 'em all. Just like a real snowmobile the Polaris makes mincemeat of snow and ice and it looks fantastically mean, especially with that mysterious suited and booted rider straddling the saddle.

If you're worried about slipping, sliding and freezing your bits off in the snow, worry not. This powerful beast's caterpillar-style track grips the snow, giving you total control as you speed through sharp turns. What's more the whole shebang is crafted in thermoplastic material to withstand extreme cold. Brrrr-illiant.

Whether you're in Alaska or Arizona, the Polaris R/C Snowmobile is seriously entertaining, especially if you've had your fill of planes, trains and automobiles. So hit Buy - and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

more info

  • Snowmobile measures approximately 36"(W) x 24"(H) x 24"(D)
Battery Requirements:
  • 1x 9v battery for transmitter - not included