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Bite The Bullet

Help, water!

Bite The Bullet

Help, water!

Sorry, this product is not available.

New & Improved

Bite the Bullet is back! Now known as Instant Regret Chocolate Roulette, the ultimate delicious game of chance now includes 11 chocolate bullets, one of which packs a hotter-than-ever 1 million Scoville punch.

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Roll the dice

Roll the dice to pick your bullet

Eating sweeties has always been a relatively humdrum experience. Until now. Because by combining one of life's great pleasures (chocolate) with one of death's best buddies (Russian roulette), clever confectioners have come up with Bite the Bullet.

This fiendishly amusing gift box contains twelve delicious chocolate bullets seated in individual numbered compartments. But here's the good bit - one of 'em contains palate-peelingly hot chilli. Nyaargh!! The idea is to throw the special twelve-sided dice, remove the bullet from the corresponding compartment, close your eyes and get scoffing. Is it yummy choc or hellishly h-h-hot chilli? You'll know soon enough because the chilli packs a face-wincingly powerful punch that'll have you gurning like Kenneth Williams getting into a hot bath.


12 bullets all lined up but which one has the chilli in it? There's only one way to find out... BITE!!!

Take your bullet

Raise the bullet to your mouth

Of course, taking it in turns until some poor sap bites into the ferociously fiery bullet means your game could be over in the first round, so we've been good enough to include a bonus chilli bullet to prolong the agony. Help!

The great thing about encasing chilli in chocolate is that it takes a couple of seconds for the 'victim' to register that he or she has bitten into the wrong bullet. So relief and delight are rapidly replaced by abject horror, an expression reminiscent of those melting heads at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, a volley of garbled expletives and a manic sprint to the nearest tap.

Munch it down

Take a bite and good luck!

Talking of movies, playing Bite the Bullet opens up all kinds of amusing filmic scenarios. Wrap a bandana around your head, stick on the music to the Deer Hunter and you're away. Perfect for dinner parties, office do's and pub-based games of one-upmanship, Bite the Bullet is one of the most deliciously tense games ever created. So come on, don't be a candy-ass; bite the bullet if you think you're hard enough!

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Please Note:
  • WARNING: contains hot chilli!
  • This product is not suitable for people with nut allergies
  • Net Weight 100g
  • Packaging measures approximately 19cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 2cm (D)

Customer Reviews

Will these be available again? Looking forward to playing with family/coworkers.
Stu Kerr - 18th September 2013
Firebox says: They will be Stu, we will be launching this again as part of our instant regret range with an even hotter chilli inside. Watch this space it should be available soon!
All of these comments were made in 2012 and you guys (the company) said that it would A. Be available by the new year and it's not. B. Be better by the new year. I can't buy it if it's unavailable. What is going on?
Cwest - 8th September 2013
Firebox says: Its a good point, sorry we have taken so long to inform our customers as to what’s going on. We are about to launch an even hotter version of the bite the bullet using chillies from our instant regret range. It should be launching very soon so watch this space.
To the response of my previous comment, I was not trying to offend you in anyway, all I was saying is why I'm not gonna buy it. I'll keep an eye out and am looking forward to buying the more quality product you are working on! I was only trying to help.
Bray272727albert - 11th December 2012
Firebox says: We're not offended at all, just letting you know our plans for a kick ass hotter version in the new year. It'll blow you away!!!
I have not bought these mainly because of the fact that the reviews say the chocolate is gross, the pepper is gross, and aside from that you only get one game. I would expect more quality chocolate from firebox… very, very disappointing coming from you guys, I haven't bought it and am not thinking about buying it, you should add a kit for making the bullets yourself with instructions, also upgrade the quality! Sincerely, lost money.
Bray272727Albert - 11th December 2012
Firebox says: Hello, The chocolate on this isn't that bad, its nowhere near the taste of the big companies but its OK. We are working with the suppliers to bring in some better tasting chocolate next year, so watch this space.
When will this product for sale again? :).
Janus - 11th October 2012
Firebox says: Hey Janus, Bite the Bullet is taking a bit of a breather but should be back (and even better/hotter) in the new year.
Got this a while a go. The chocolate tasted of plastic and the chilli chocolate tasted of nothing but the nasty chocolate. None of us realized that one of us had already the chilli bullet. Disappointing.
Euan - 14th January 2012
Firebox says: Sorry to hear that Euan, please drop us an email to with your order details so we can help you out further with this.