The Bevy

Great gizmo, small package

The Bevy

Great gizmo, small package

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Have you got an iPod Shuffle? Do you drink beer? Do you use keys? If the answer is yes to all three, then you need the Bevy. This ingenious sliver of sturdy plastic and bottle top-biting metal functions as an iPod Shuffle case, a bottle opener and a keyring. Talk about multi-tasking!


Is it a keyring?...

We're not entirely sure what titchy MP3 players have got to do with opening bottles of beer but, rest assured, we're investigating the matter fully - urp! But seriously, the Bevy is a handy gizmo for anyone who owns a Shuffle. In fact it's worth buying a Shuffle just to dangle this sleek little doodah alongside your keys.


...Or a bottle opener?...

Winner of a 2007 MacWorld design contest, the multifunctional Bevy protects your Shuffle from bumps and scrapes but also gives full access to its controls, indicator lights and rear clip. Yes, you have to remove the Shuffle in order to yank the top off a cold one but that's a small price to pay when the only other option is using your teeth - a solution that invariably results in a costly trip to the dentist.


...Or an 'earphone cord manager'?

The Bevy even features an 'earphone cord manager' which, in non-technobabble terms, means you can avoid tangled 'phones by winding the cable around the Bevy's grooved outside edge - handy when it's hanging next to your keys or sitting in your pocket.

Just think, with this neat little gadget on your keyring you'll never forget to leave home without your Shuffle and a bottle opener. Unless of course you forget your keys, in which case you'll be music-less, opener-less and unable to get back in the house. Unlucky!

We think the Bevy is a must-have accessory for beer-drinking Shuffle-owners everywhere, so hurry up and hit Buy. Your Shuffle and your teeth will thank you for it.

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Please Note:
  • iPod and earphones not included.
iPod Compatibility:
Evolve iPod Speaker System

  • 7.5cm(W) x 3cm(H) x 1cm(D)

Customer Reviews

I waited for a while to post my review of this, because I wanted to make sure that my opinion of this tool didn't change over time. And it hasn't. This is a great little device and has really simplified my life. Furthermore, in regards to the folks who need a clip for the ends of the headphones? Hello? You can use the clip on the back of the shuffle for the ends of the headphones too! My only problem with the bevy is that after nearly a year of constant use, the plastic covering has started splitting down the middle and is almost completely broken. So I'm going to have to buy a new one. Oh well. For under $20, getting a year's (or nearly) worth out of it is pretty rockin'.
Hobbs - 9th November 2009
The Bevy helps keeps my shuffle safe, and helps me remember where I put it! It has a very design, and good if you only have a couple of keys hanging off it. The earphone cord thingy keeps it from tangling. Excellent accessory, speedy delivery and kinda posh looking with the steel and the tough clear plastic. A top notch product!
Shahzad Mahmood - 10th December 2007