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Knight Rider R/C Car

Knight Rider R/C Car

Jump in my car!

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It takes genuine talent to outshine an acting juggernaut like David Hasselhoff. But, unbelievable though it may seem, the Hoff was once upstaged by a car. And it wasn't just any old car, it was KITT, or to give its full title, the Knight Industries Two Thousand.

Knight Rider R/C Car
This sleek, customised Pontiac Trans-Am was impervious to attack, could cruise at 300mph and was loaded with hi-tech armaments. It could even talk, albeit in an incredibly camp, condescending voice. And now, thanks to your hairy-chested friends at the Firebox Foundation, you can own a fully-functioning, R/C version of one of rubbish TV's greatest vehicles.

Knight Rider R/C Car

Knight Rider R/C Car

The Hoff not included

The Knight Rider R/C Car doesn't have a molecular bonded shell, and it can't leap through the air (unless you throw it). It does, however, travel forwards, backwards, left and right, and boasts a 'turbo-boost' function. It also emits that familiar whooshing sound and features a working red sensor on the hood. Best of all, this tribute to an 80s legend talks when you hit a button on the transmitter: 'I am KITT, whom you may regard as the voice of the Knight 2000.'

Knight Rider R/C Car

Remote Control

As soon as you get behind the wheel (well fiddle with the transmitter) of this iconic vehicle the Knight Rider memories will come flooding back: Michael's unfeasibly tight jeans, Devon's plummy voice, April's incredible set of *ahem* wrenches and that pulsating theme music. In fact, this beautifully built R/C car is so evocative you might be tempted to buy an ill-fitting leather jacket, get a perm and cruise the highways fighting crime. Or maybe not.

Knight Rider R/C Car
With whispers of a new series of Knight Rider in the pipeline, there's never been a better time to make a total Hasselhoff out of yourself. Whether you're a fan of the show or you just love everything to do with the Hoff (and who doesn't?), buying a Knight Rider R/C Car is your civic duty. After all, how else will you champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless in a world of criminals who operate above the law? Exactly!

More Information

Please Note:
  • Not for children under 3 years
  • Car - 12cm(W) x 9cm(H) x 33cm(D)
  • Remote - 10.5cm(W) x 21cm(H) x 5.5cm(D)
Battery Requirements:
  • Car requires 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Transmitter requires 1 x 9v battery (included)
  • Officially licensed, 1:15 scale radio control K.I.T.T. ("Knight Industries Two Thousand").
  • Full function control - forward, reverse, left, right, stop and turbo boost feature.
  • Working red sensor with varying speeds and "cyclon" sound effect.
  • Includes speech: "I am K.I.T.T. whom you may regard as the voice of the Knight 2000".