Hot Choctail Maker


Hot Choctail Maker


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Ever since Tim Burton gave Willy Wonka a Noughties makeover we've been obsessed with finding weird and wonderful products with which to make complete Augustus Gloops of ourselves. And the Choctail Maker is one of the best.

Choctail Maker

Make yourself a hot cuppa' chocolate!

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term hot chocolate, this smart contraption is capable of melting, mixing and frothing chocolate. This means you can create chocolatey smoothies, beautifully blended 'choctails', frothy chocshakes, gloopy mochas - you name it, the Choctail Maker can make it.

Choctail Maker

Turn to 'HOT' to melt your chocolate!

It might look like a stylish retro blender but this ingenious device features a heating element that melts chocolate into lashings of liquid loveliness. Simply pop in your favourite choccy - from Buttons to Bounty to a bar of whatever - get melting and add any ingredients you fancy.

Choctail Maker

Add your favourite chocolate..

...a little bit of milk...

...and maybe even some baileys!

Choctail Maker

See the chocolate heat up
and froth!

You can keep it simple by blending something potent into a real hot chocolate or throw in a dash of vodka and vermouth for a custom-made choccyvodkatini. You can even make an ultra frothy choctail that'll leave you with a foamy 'tache. Oh, deep joy! If you do run out of ideas you can always refer to the included recipe book. Mmm... Baileys with frothed-up After Eights.

The easy-to-clean Choctail Maker features a convenient tap that delivers your chocolate creations directly into your vessel of choice. It really is the ultimate sweet-lovers gizmo.

Choctail Maker

Choose between cream or metallic red!

Of course you could always be a tightwad and crack out the saucepan, blender and whisk, but splattering warm chocolate all over your guests is not particularly suave (unless you're into that kind of thing). The Choctail Maker is guaranteed to be a huge hit at parties, and your chocolate-slurping pals will love watching you make a complete Wonka out of yourself. Indeed, to quote Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate fame: 'Everyone's a winner...and that's the truth!'

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Please note: Features:
  • Three options, off, blend on cool, heat and froth
  • Includes Recipe book
  • Tap dispenser
  • Easy to clean design
  • Mains powered
  • Approximately 36cm (H) x 25.5cm (W) x 18cm (D)
  • Maximum capacity 1500ml

Customer Reviews

Very good at first but I needed a replacement; just about to get this new one out of the box to test it...perfect! and a lovely pack of fizzy sweets to along with it, YAY! We used chocolate and cream and a little milk to thin out the cream a bit, can't wait to order more Xmas prezzies from here now!
Beth - 31st October 2007
OMG......I just received this thing today, went out and bought about a kilo of Galaxy chocolate and a litre of milk......this thing is a godsend - honestly - BUY ONE NOW. Makes almost scalding hot chocolate, but perfect for those late nights you just don't have powdered chocolate.
Alex - 17th October 2007