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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone


Oh buoy!


Oh buoy!

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Messing about on the water is all well and good, but dropping keys and other valuables in the drink is no laughing matter. Because once they plop below the surface of the big ol' briny, you're scuppered. Or are you? Well no, not if you've attached your bits to the ingenious Waterbuoy.


More than just a keyring

This clever little device contains a high-strength rubber balloon that can lift up to 1Kg and automatically inflates within seconds of hitting the water, causing the whole shebang to rise gently to the surface. And thanks to a high-intensity LED beacon that's visible from over 250m at night, you can spot it bobbing about and retrieve your keys/valuables with ease.

How it works...


If you drop your keys in water...

the float reacts and inflates in seconds rising to the surface...

your Waterbuoy will float with an LED light flashing for at least 24 hours!


Holds up to 1kg of weight

Despite its pocket-friendly size, the Waterbuoy is capable of keeping belongings up to 1kg afloat for 24 hours, so it's ideal for hefty keys, tools, fishing gear, GPS systems, cameras, phones or any other handheld thingamabob you're liable to drop in the sea.

If you're worried the Waterbuoy might inflate when some clumsy landlubber spills their pint on it, worry not. This smart rescue unit is splashproof and its patented internal triggering system only activates when totally submerged. Brilliant!


Visible from over 250m at night!


A must for those difficult
sailing situations!

All you sailors, windsurfers and boating buffs could choose to ignore this potentially life-saving gizmo but sending down a team of divers to retrieve your valuables is a bit extravagant, even if you've got a yacht that puts Abramovich's to shame. Speaking of multi-millionaires, Dragons' Den stars Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones were so impressed by the Waterbuoy they sank thousands into it. And although they're not exactly salty sea dogs, they know a thing or two about sound investments. Indeed, the Waterbuoy is the hottest thing to hit the world of water-based rescue since Pamela Anderson slipped into that red bikini. So get ordering and avoid that sinking feeling forever.

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Please note:
  • One use only
  • This product is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children due to small parts and possible activation
  • Must not be used as a buoyancy aid for people or animals
  • Dangerous if placed in mouth
  • Do not store in conditions over 50°C
  • Floating time may be reduced with very heavy objects
  • Water Buoy is activated by any water based liquid. Please take precautions to avoid accidental activation
  • Visible at night from over to 250 meters
  • Holds up to 1kg
  • Reacts in seconds
  • Floats for up to 24 hours
  • Waterbuoy - approximately 7.5cm(W) x 2.8cm(H) x 1.8cm(D)
  • Packaging - approximately 11cm(W) x 16cm(H) x 2cm(D)

Customer Reviews

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My 2 year old Grandson thought it would be funny to drop the boat hoist controller over the side as we were entering the dock. The Waterbouy worked just as it should and we were able to recover the hand controller in just a few seconds. Awesome product!
Garry, Texas - 24th October 2014
I had two attached to my 3 pound Phantom Quadrocopter when it went into the lake. One balloon broke, but the second balloon was able to lift it to the surface, saving the $2, 000 Multirotor drone and attached GoPro camera! I wish they still made this great invention. Well worth it!
Bruce A. Christianson, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA - 21st September 2014
My water buoy went off when I was passing my floatation jacket to the shore from a kayak, I think it may have been splashed... or it may have been drizzling in the next town. A tad over sensitive.
Jon Farley, Sunderland - 23rd August 2011
Can you connect this to an iPhone?
Ben, UK - 15th June 2011
Firebox says: You sure can Ben, as it will float with up to 1KG, however the iPhone might not survive the dunking.
Can you use it again?
456, Stratford - 14th April 2011
Firebox says: No, it is one use only.
I scuba Dive and I know that if you take a fully inflated Balloon to 25 Maters and let go of it it will end up twice as big or poped, so won't the same thing happen to this?
Robert Brookes, Horncastle - 4th February 2011
Firebox says: This is not designed for diving, but for getting your things back to the surface as quickly as possible. When it is exposed to water it will start to inflate and rise to the top- this happens quite promptly.