The Daddy Wine Puzzle Gift Pack

Think before you drink

The Daddy Wine Puzzle Gift Pack

Think before you drink

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New bottle of wine included: La Grange de Saumassac



The wine in The Daddy Wine Puzzle Gift Pack

La Grange de Saumassac

Giving wine on special occasions is all well and good but in terms of inventiveness it's right up there with socks, bath salts and book vouchers. So wouldn't it be good if you could buy a bottle of vino with a bit of a twist.

Well thanks to The Daddy Wine Puzzle you can do exactly that because this nifty gift comprises a bottle of top quality Merlot from the Ardeche region, encased within the jaws of a fist-bitingly annoying puzzle.

This fiendish wooden contraption is guaranteed to amuse and infuriate as its seemingly impenetrable embrace can only be released via a decent dollop of lateral thinking; there's much more to it than simply untangling a mess of balls, blocks and cord. Recipients won't know whether to thank you, throttle you or beg for the solution.

The gift card in The Daddy Wine Puzzle Gift Pack

Send a personal message
in the Gift Card

The Daddy will fit any bottle with a 3.3cm neck, so once solved it can be used again and again to imprison other unsuspecting bottles. If your recipient’s noodle isn't up to the challenge the solution is provided in an envelope in the pack. Cheat, cheat, cheat!

Because of the infuriating nature of this product we've decided to let all you malevolent scoundrels add a personalised message. Simply fill in the form when ordering and we'll make sure your message is printed on the included gift card. Upon delivery recipients might titter at your twisted sense of humour, but after a few failed attempts they'll be pulling faces worthy of the Hulk attempting to change a wheel. Still, wine lovers love a challenge. Don't they? Aargh!

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This item cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

If you purchase this item with a debit card that is available to under 18s, we may need to contact you to request proof of your age before your order is despatched.

Delivery details:
This product can only be delivered to addresses within the UK.

Chix and Buck

Chix and Buck
Wine Importer and distributor

Please note:
  • You must be 18 years or older to purchase this product - even if your dad is!
  • On receiving the puzzle, please double check and ensure that the rope is secured tightly to avoid being able to lift the lock from the top of the bottle
  • Pack will contain Don't Break The Bottle solution, in a separate envelope
New Bottle of Wine:
  • La Grange de Saumassac: A delicious blend of Syrah and Merlot. Bursting with juicy black fruit flavour and forest fruit aromas, it is soft, rich and full of southern warmth
  • Ideal to drink on its own or with food
  • 13% vol.
  • 750ml
Standard Gift Pack contents:
  • 1x Don't Break The Bottle The Vice
  • 1x Bottle of La Grange de Saumassac
  • 1x Gift Card
  • 1x Gift Box
  • 1x Solution envelope
  • Straw packaging

Customer Reviews

I brought this for my dad, who gets easily frustrated when he cant do things right, and I had read the solution so I showed him it could be done but left him to it, after about 5 hours he managed to get it open, then he realized that the bottle of wine that I had put inside was empty :D.
Lucie Newell - 18th June 2011
Bought this for a Christmas present for my Dad. A brilliant present, kept my Dad quiet for a few hours! Once he had solved the puzzle he gave it to me to try & I solved it but in a different way to my Dad and the solution provided! So we have found two possible ways to solve.
Sue - 14th January 2011
Firebox says: The gift that just keeps on giving!
This product is only £14. 99 at I want one of those!!!!
R I Poff - 15th June 2010
When will the deluxe version be in stock?
Qian Hui - 12th March 2010
Firebox says: Its unlikely that it will. Sorry!
Pretty awesome present, definitely more interesting than just presenting someone with a bottle of wine. The puzzle had my Dad stumped for a couple of hours on Christmas day before the string snapped despite gentle handling and the whole thing became a bit useless. Oh well... at least he enjoyed the wine!
Katie - 3rd January 2010
Firebox says: Sorry about that Katie, the wine puzzle certainly shouldn't break like that! Please email us at so that we can resolve the issue for you.
I’m sorry to say that I’m really disappointed with this product; I bought the deluxe version for my dad for Christmas. It arrived today so I thought id try it out, I solved it I’m about 4 minutes :(. My dads quite a bright guy so I’m sure he’ll do the same, from the reviews I was expecting it to be difficult, don’t buy if your looking for a challenge. It does look very nice though, it will make a great orniment.
Phil Kitchen - 16th December 2009