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Recycled Juice Bags

What waste!

Recycled Juice Bags

What waste!

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Recycled Juice Bags

Save the planet and look cool!

All this ethical shopping/eco-friendly malarkey is great news for workers, communities and, ultimately, the planet. But when it comes to fashion, accessories and keeping things cool, you don't want to look like some yoghurt-weaving hippie; you want to look like a conscientious shopper/picnicker with a sense of individuality and style. And that's where Recycled Juice Bags come in.

These incredibly funky bags are made from recycled juice cartons; you know, the squishy foil ones you bung a straw in. And thank goodness for that because this type of non-biodegradable packaging usually ends up littering the streets, languishing in landfill sites or producing all kinds of noxious nastiness when it is incinerated.

Recycled Juice Bags

Recycled Shoulder bag (left) and Recycled Small Handbag (right)

As well as their impressive eco-friendly credentials, Recycled Juice Bags are helping impoverished communities, as they are made by a women's cooperative in the Philippines. Working for this award-winning organisation makes a genuine difference because almost all of the women are their family's main breadwinner. So as well as getting a highly original container, you'll be improving lives and helping to elevate people out of poverty.

But what about the actual bags? Well first up there's the Shoulder Bag, generously proportioned with a closing clasp and handles that are long enough to sling over your shoulder. As well as replacing planet-wrecking plastic carriers, this is a great receptacle for all you students as it can accommodate A4 files. And with its cheery colour scheme it makes a great beach bag.

Recycled Juice Bags

Each bag is completely unique!

Then there's the Small Handbag. This seriously eye-catching accessory is crafted from interwoven lengths of juice carton, making it as sturdy as it is stunning. With two woven handles and it's zip fastening main pocket it's set to become the bag of choice for conscientious fashionistas (course they exist) everywhere.

As self-appointed fashion oracles we predict Recycled Juice Bags are going to be this season's must-haves, so we suggest you get ordering pronto. Recycled rubbish has never been so hip! (NB: Bono and Sting were not involved in the production of this item).

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Please note:
This product is made from recycled drinks cartons and so product colour may vary. This will not change the fact they look great!

  • Small Handbag approximately 30cm (W) x 19cm (H) x 8cm (D)
  • Shoulder Bag approximately 41cm (W) x 33cm (H) x 8cm (D)

Customer Reviews

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I've ordered one of these last week, for my sister's christmas present, and it looks cool. I think she'll like it. It's a bonus that they are recycled :D.
Mr In Cognito, UK - 29th November 2011
I just received my bags yesterday and I LOVE them, they are beautiful to look at and incredibly strong and sturdy so heavier shopping items. I'm going to be getting some more for gifts!!!!
Angela, London - 9th June 2011
I have one of these bags. I paid a lot more for mine though, not from here, but at this price I'm gonna have a second one.
Jillian, Doncaster - 6th June 2011
I don't like it.
Zoe, - 3rd February 2011
These bags, not only funky, represent incredible value. The quality is supreme and they look very good, you'll be hard pressed to find another one the same!. They are excellent bags for the night out or going to a party. I would recommend these to anyone.
Jack, West Sussex - 24th August 2009
I want to buy one of these but it says it is almost two feet tall... that seems like a ridiculous height. Can anyone that owns one of the shoppers comment?
Vanessa, Indiana - 26th November 2008
Firebox says: Hi Vanessa - the height also includes the handles - the bag itself is about 35cm deep.
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