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Screaming Flying Monkey

Screaming Flying Monkey

Annoying Aerial Ape

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  •  Fling this screeching simian and enrich your existence
  •  Arguably the most pointless yet entertaining toy ever made
  •  Can fly a good 25ft or more, depending on his mood
  •  Dogs go absolutely berserk for it



The Screaming Flying Monkey – a Firebox stalwart for aeons, and surely a top contender for the most entertaining yet utterly pointless toy in history award.

Simply put two fingers in the little pockets in his paws, pull back his super-elasticated bungee arms and let him go. He'll then fly a good 25ft or more, issuing blood-curdling monkey screeches from a hidden speaker as he soars wondrously through the air.

There's few things in life that you'll fall in love with quite so fast (or want to stamp into tiny monkey pieces) but this is definitely one of them. Seriously addictive, it genuinely doesn't get much more fun than flinging this loud-mouthed aerial ape about the place. But don't just take our word for it; order one now and witness the awesome effect Screaming Flying Monkey has on onlookers, mesmerised animals and unwitting targets alike.

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for ages 12 and up
Product Features:
  • Fling this screeching simian and feel ALIVE
  • Definitely the most pointless yet entertaining toy ever made
  • Can fly a good 25ft or more, depending on your forearm muscles and his ever-changing mood
  • Dogs absolutely love it
  • Approximately 32cm x 27cm x 6cm (unstretched)

Customer Reviews

Great! Good fun around the office, although it is quite loud so be warned.

Debs - 9th of October, 2015

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