Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker

The hedge is alive with the sound of music!

Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker

The hedge is alive with the sound of music!

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Batteries (4x AAA) for Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker

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Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker

Eco-friendly solar panel

Not so long ago the only way to share your music with the great outdoors was to lug a ghetto blaster around the garden or buy a really long cable for your stereo speakers and pray for dry weather. But not any more, because the nifty Wireless Solar Speaker renders the aforementioned practices obsolete.

Simply plonk this discreet device on the grass or hide it in the hedge and its 5w speaker will pump out up to 70dbs of punchy music al fresco. How? Easy, because the speaker itself contains an eco-friendly solar panel to charge the onboard battery directly from the sun's rays and an accompanying mains-powered transmitter plugs into your MP3/CD player/radio and beams the music to the speaker from up to 150ft away. Brilliant!

Wireless Outdoor Solar Speaker
Whether you're chillin' in the garden, partying on the patio or boogie-ing round the barbecue, the Wireless Solar Speaker is bound to become an indispensable outdoor accessory. Yes, you can listen to your MP3s outside via headphones but that's no good when friends come a visiting. With the small but effective Wireless Solar Speaker you and your pals can listen to whatever playlist/CD you fancy without having to crank up the stereo in the kitchen and fling open all the doors.

As you've probably guessed from its name this smart device is wireless, so you won't keep tripping into the tulips when you're raving around the lawn. It even comes with a handy remote control so you can adjust the volume without having to put down your pina colada and get off the sun lounger.

Just think, with a Wireless Solar Speaker lurking in the backyard you can prune to Pink, dig to Dizzee Rascal and sunbathe to System of a Down. You can even barbecue to Billy Ray Cyrus. If you want. Musical preferences (and rubbish alliteration) aside, this smart little speaker system is guaranteed to add ambience to any garden soiree. Who says there ain't no cure for the summertime blues?

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Delivery details:
This product can only be delivered to addresses within the UK.

Please note:
  • iPod not included
Size dimensions:
  • Receiver unit: Approximately 43cm (T) x 21cm (Diameter)
  • Transmitter unit: Approximately 4.5cm (T) x 12cm (Diameter)
Package contents:
  • Receiver unit
  • Transmitter unit
  • Remote control
  • UK mains adapter
  • Adaptor for receiver
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • AV lead converter
  • Solar power supply (green power)
  • 900M RF transmitter base and speaker receivers
  • RF transmission travels freely through wall, floors and other solid objects
  • High-quality, interference-free sound
  • Operating distance up to 150 feet (open field)
  • Remote control unit
  • Two ways power supply (Plug in power and solar power)
  • Rechargeable solar batteries inside
  • Selectable two audio channels
  • Hybrid charging unit
  • Smart energy conserving unit
Electrical Parameters:
  • Longest working time (batteries inside used): 8 hours
  • True stand-by mode: <6mA
  • Transmission mode: UHF
  • Carrier frequency: ~900MHz (Around)
  • Output power: 5 Watts (RMS)
  • S/N Radio: 70dB (typical)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 16Khz
  • Distortion: <1.5%

Customer Reviews

Yet again another fantastic product from Firebox. Ordered on Monday and delivered on Tuesday, Firebox again impressed me with it's service and delivery speed. The product itself is excellent. Charged it up, wired it to my computer and then toddled off to the bottom of my garden with a beer and the speaker. Excellent sound quality with good bass tones. Even survived a rain shower when I left it in the garden overnight. Have now taken to using it whilst relaxing in the bath. Highly recommended!
Henry Duong - 18th June 2007
First of all, delivery from Firebox was great. Ordered Weds, arrived Thurs. After unpacking this from the box the only assembly I had to do was put the batteries in the remote. After this, I connected the wireless transmitter to the telly and powered it up. A blue LED lights to show the transmitter is receiving a signal. Then I plugged in my Speaker to give it a charge for initial testing and chose the same B switch on the back to match the B selection on the transmitter and away we went. Up with the volume, and as if by magic, out came the sound. Brilliant. It worked, so now it was time to turn it off and allow it time to fully charge. Initial recommended charge is 1 day. I charged it overnight and was desperate to test it out in the garden so off I went. I experienced some slight distortion during movement of the speaker, but nothing to really worry about, but once situated in the garden, at least 60ft from the transmitter and throught several walls it worked perfectly. Sound quality is surprisingly good and you get reasonable volume for the 5Watts output. Sounds a lot more than that. I've yet to give it a full all day test out in the garden, but so far I think it does everything I thought it would better than I thought. One point to note, you must have the volume turned up to a reasonable level on your tv/ipod/cd player/radio for the transmitter to pick it up, if you don't then you will have no signal to transmit to your speaker. All in all, a great product I would recommend.
Jonny Melia - 26th April 2007