Graffiti Train

It's art but not as we know it

Graffiti Train

It's art but not as we know it

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People have been decorating things they shouldn't since the dawn of time. Well almost, because boffins have uncovered graffiti on the walls of ancient Pompeii and the toilet doors of several Mayan ruins. Probably.

Graffiti Your Own Train

Graffiti with no fears of getting an ASBO!

More recently, graffiti artists have taken to defacing train carriages with their artwork. Yes it's naughty but it can be incredibly cathartic, especially when you're bored. So how do upstanding citizens get to graffiti a train without risking an ASBO? No, they don't sneak into the sidings at night; they buy the brilliant Graffiti Your Own Train.

Graffiti Your Own Train

Cut out the transfer...

...quickly dip in cold water... and rub onto train

Brought to you by the creative powerhouses over at Suck UK, this realistic model train carriage comes complete with loads of ready-made graffiti/tag-style transfers. All you have to do is get busy vandalising customising the gleaming white carriage. No spray cans or bandanas required.

Graffiti Your Own Train
Graffiti Your Own Train

Transfers available for you to graffiti your train!

You can be tasteful and just slap a few big decals on the side, or you can go the whole hog, NYC-styley, and cover every inch of the solid vinyl carriage with natty artwork. The possibilities are endless. Apply one decal a day or the whole lot at once. It all depends on how anti-social you're feeling.

Graffiti Your Own Train

What artists would call a "blank canvas"

Graffiti Your Own Train

Display your vandalised train with pride!

As well as bringing out your inner graffiti artist, Graffiti Your Own Train is an unusually urban desktop decoration. You might even be tempted to crank up the hip hop, bust some crucial moves and get down with your homies for a toy train tagging party. Or something like that.

Graffiti Your Own Train
However you decide to deface your carriage, we guarantee you'll become totally obsessed with the whole Graffiti Your Own Train concept. Indeed, here at Firebox HQ we can't stop graffiti-ing, so hurry up and hit Buy before our entire rolling stock gets totally tagged.

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Please note:
  • Ages 10+.
  • 1:25 scale model
  • 1x blank canvas train
  • 2x transfer sheets
  • Product - approximately 25cm (W) x 5cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)
  • Packaging - approximately 29cm (W) x 14cm (H) x 4.5cm (D)

Customer Reviews

You can go to and see the classic, original DIY train that has been featured in shows and galleries around the world.
KLIM - 5th November 2007
I caved and gave him the present on Saturday, he loves it!!!! So just ordered one for his best mate's birthday this weekend!
Helen M - 29th October 2007
I ordered this as an Xmas present for my boyfriend yesterday and it arrived this morning. I can't believe I have to wait so long to give it to him!! But I'm sure the majority of his presents will come from here (like every year) and join it under my desk at work!
Helen M - 24th October 2007