Action Man Classic Edition

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Action Man Classic Edition

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Hair on the Action Man

Realistic hair!

Life begins at 40. Well it does in the case of Action Man because he's back to his best and reporting for duty in the shape of this 40th anniversary re-issue. Forget the quasi-superhuman meathead currently masquerading as Action Man. This authentic military man is modelled on the definitive, British-as-beans-on-toast posable figure that caught the imagination of millions in the sixties and seventies.

Action Man Classic Edition

Footballer uniforms

We guarantee the memories will come flooding back the second you clap eyes on this square-jawed jack-of-all-trades. From those gripping hands that once clung to ravine-traversing ropes (okay, your mum's washing line) to that jauntily angled scar and bristly hair, this golden-era Action Man is a proper geezer - well hard and up for a scrap, even in the politically correct noughties.

The football boots on Action Man

Have it!

Whether you're buying one for the kids (liar) or for your own amusement, you'll be unable to resist making your Action Man strike a few poses. You might even be tempted to provide a few gruff voices for your re-issued icon as he wrestles with danger in your office/imagination.

Action Man Classic Edition
Speaking of various models, we're currently selling the Footballer (choose from Chelsea, Arsenal or Man Utd.) with classic team strip and training outfit.

Action Man Classic Edition

Nicely packaged!

We really can't stress quite how nostalgic holding a 40th Anniversary Edition Action Man makes you feel. And dressing him up is enough to make a grown man cry. So it goes without saying that actually playing with him could tip you over the edge. And you can forget all that 'I'm buying mine as a display piece' nonsense. Besides, it takes a real man to play with an Action Man. So hurry up and get ordering before our entire squad marches out the warehouse.

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Please Note:
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years due to choking hazard
Footballer Contents:
  • 1x Action Man
  • Playing uniform:
  • 1x Football shirt
  • 1x Shorts
  • 2x Socks
  • 2x Boots
  • 1x Ball
  • Training uniform:
  • 1x Tracksuit top
  • 1x Shirt and numbers
  • 1x Shorts
  • 2x Socks
  • 2x Boots
  • 1x Ball
  • 1x Lapel badge
  • 1x Club history leaflet
  • Action Man approximately 30cm(H) x 12cm(W) x 5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Got the tottenham action man from my wife for my 40th birthday. Best present ever.
Morty - 5th November 2009
I have to agree with Fraser - the original had flat painted on hair - the 'real hair' didn't comae along for a few years after he was introduced, just like the gripping hands. I had a dog too which I got by collecting stars and a couple of extra men. My brother had a jeep too. I played with mine for years - I wish I knew what had happened to them. For some reason all I have is one man in a brown box that was a star collection gift and I keep him out of nostalgia.
Alan - 6th February 2009
Hi, in reply to fraser james review, what a kill joy!!! action man may have been a copy of gi joe, but action man has become as british as beans on toast. I had my first actionman in 1970 and he had the same hair as these retros and he could even talk. I am sure I speak for most when I say this retro action man is what we kids of the late 60s and 70s would call the real action man, so if u had one then don't hesitate in getting one of these and re-live your childhood lol.
Richard - 2nd December 2008
I bought the Lifeguard Action man for my partner Martin. And he loves it!!! He plays with it none stop! I have to try and stop him taking it in the bath with him, pretending its "deep sea diver" Action Man!!!.... . "your 36 for christs sake!!!".
Vicki - 18th December 2007
Bought this little guy for my big brother's 40th birthday, a 'for the man that has everything' pressie, he thought it was totally great and has forgiven me for decapitating the original all those years ago .......
Cat Shayler - 28th July 2007
What can I say, bought him for my 5 year old nephew, kept him for myself! Oh well, I guess he can make do with a fiver in a card this year. Just like you remember from your childhood, no blue plastic pants on this chap though!
Darran Taylor - 1st June 2007