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EST. 1998
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Waterproof iPod Speakers

Make mine a dryPod

Waterproof iPod Speakers

Make mine a dryPod

Sorry, this product is not available.

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Music Showcase Waterproof iPod Speakers

Plug 'n' Play... your music!

Can't bear to be separated from your iPod? Neither can we. Whether we're sitting at our desks, chilling down the beach (okay, paddling in the duckpond), soaking in the bath or standing in the shower, this music-playing miracle never leaves our side. Indeed we love listening to our playlists pumping out of a pair of quality speakers whilst we splish-splosh about our business.

Music Showcase Waterproof iPod Speakers

Use them anywhere... literally!

But how do you amplify your music in watery conditions without short-circuiting your iPod? Easy, you get hold of a set of Music Showcase Waterproof iPod Speakers. Containing two built-in 3W speakers, this ingenious case has been specifically designed to protect your precious player from all manner of H2O-based horseplay. Perfect for baths, showers, beaches and poolside parties.

Music Showcase Waterproof iPod Speakers

Waterproof speaker

The Music Showcase will even play tunes as it floats across the water like a hi-tech lilo. It also shields its precious passenger from sand, sun cream, shampoo, seawater and shark attacks. (We made up the bit about sharks but you get the idea).

Music Showcase Waterproof iPod Speakers

Carry bag

Made from tough shatterproof polycarbonate with a boingy rubber bumper, the Music Showcase's cool transparent shell is virtually unbreakable, scratch and shock-proof. So if anyone kicks sand in your face down the beach your music will keep on pumping out of the suitably beefy, twin-channel speakers as you fumble around for your eye-drops. It also features a handy stand for perching by your sun lounger.

Music Showcase Waterproof iPod Speakers

Snug casing for different iPods

If you're wondering how you control your iPod whilst it's encased within this crystal-clear armour, wonder no more: a rubber membrane sits over the click wheel allowing you to flick through menus with ease. There's also a built-in volume control on the front of the Music Showcase so you can crank up the speaker volume without taking the whole shebang to bits. Sharing your music with friends in watery conditions has never been easier. So donít be a drip, get ordering.

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Please note:
  • Amplifier output - 3W x 2 (RMS)
  • Frequency range - 50 - 20,000Hz
  • Requires 4 x AA Batteries (included)
  • Playback time - 30+ hours at medium to high volume, with alkaline batteries
  • Weight - 0.93kg
  • Designed to be used in wet environments but NOT underwater!

iPod Compatibility:
I-cy Penguin

  • Approximately 25cm(W) x 17cm(H) x 5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

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This is not compatible with the ipod touch. Yes, it will play the music selected, but if you want it to fit inside the case completely sealed, you have to basically force it inside.
Lindsay, Randolph - 25th December 2009
You said that the speakers are compatible with an I touch but how do you control it with only the little round part would you have to take it out to fix it?
Christa, USA - 13th June 2009
Firebox says: You would not be able to change the play-list while the iTouch is locked away. Sorry!
Just making sure, this is DEFINITELY compatible for the iPod touch?
Betty, Pa - 2nd December 2008
Can I use the headphones while it is in its case? I need something for the beach that my ipod can stay in, but doesnt annoy the folks!
Karl Mason, Crewe - 9th May 2008
Firebox says: Hi Karl, have you seen our Overboard Waterproof Cases? They should be just the thing you're looking for!
Absolutely fab!!! I can now pump out Arctic Monkeys on Brighton beach with excellent sound quality! Instructions aren't very clear but its simple to work! Best thing I've brought recently!
Steph, Brighton - 22nd April 2008
Hey, was just wondering if a iPod Touch / iPhone will fit this? Thanks.
Matt, Derbyshire - 21st February 2008
Firebox says: Hi Matt, unfortunately the speakers are not suitable for the iPhone but are for the iTouch. Music plugs in via the headphone socket.

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