Perplex City Season 2

Just when you thought it was safe to stop puzzling

Perplex City Season 2

Just when you thought it was safe to stop puzzling

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This is the only chance to get your hands on 86 never before seen puzzle cards.

Perplex City Season 2: Puzzle cards

36 packs per box!

Season One of Perplex City was a treasure hunt played by thousands of people around the world across many different types of media. Season Two of the groundbreaking game was in development when it was suddenly put on ice in the Summer of 2007. Many of the puzzle cards that were designed to support the game have been produced but not released. Those cards have been gathering dust in a secret warehouse location for months...until now.

Perplex City Season 2: Puzzle cards

Lots of puzzles to solve!

Rather than let the cards languish in a dusty warehouse, Mind Candy, the company behind the game, have decided to release them into the wild. Cracking the clues on the cards won't lead to any buried treasures, but on the upside, you will be able to get your hands on some beautifully designed and very rare puzzle cards.

Perplex City Season 2: Puzzle cards

Hidden clues!

The cards vary in complexity, from blindingly simple to fist-bitingly difficult. Last season's cards used heat-sensitive ink, microdots, ultra-violet effects and even scratch'n'sniff to hide clues - and this all new wave promises to be even more inventive.

In every box, you'll get 36 packs, each containing a random mix of six cards - that's over 200 puzzle cards per box! Will you discover the extremely rare silver puzzles? If you do, prepare for a serious challenge!

This is a one-time offer, and will never be repeated. If you want to capture a slice of Perplex City history, act now!

Limited Edition Signed Season 2 Poster Map

Celebrate the rollercoaster adventure that was Perplex City than with this limited edition, signed and numbered art print of the complete map of Perplex City found on the backs of cards from Season One. And don’t forget to read all the behind-the-scenes info in the Season One Retrospective at

Perplex City Season 2

NEW! - Limited Edition Signed Poster Map (Click image above to enlarge)

Perplex City Season 2

NEW! - Limited Edition Signed Poster Map: Signed and numbered!

The good/bad news is that some lucky blighter solved Season One of Perplex City in February 2007 and pocketed all that lovely loot (you can read his story here, and very gripping it is too!).

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Please note:
  • Codes printed on the second wave of Season 2 Perplexcity cards are not enterable at Mind Candy will endeavour to publish the answers to these puzzles, date TBC
  • New Season 2 puzzle cards are available in two box sets: Wave One and Wave Two
  • Each box contains 36 packs - which contain a mix of 6 random cards. That's over 200 puzzle cards per box!
  • Limited Edition Signed Poster Map - approximately 120cm (H) x 120cm (W)

Customer Reviews

Flipping heck! This is SUCH good value for money! If you like Perplex City puzzles then you will like this! Each set of puzzles is individually packaged and all comes in a snazzy box. Even if you are a brain box, I think you will struggle to complete all of the puzzles, but it's worth a try hey! You get so many packs too! Great stuff, a definite buy for the puzzler. Even my dad got stumped on the first card!
Pen - 17th October 2011
Will I be able to complete Season 2 or have they stopped the production of the final cards?
Mark Scott - 11th July 2011
Firebox says: Hi Mark, is probably the best place to keep up to date.
Will there be another season of perplex city, I have looked on line but no answers so I'm turning to the wonderful people at, do you know? P. S still going to buy these, even if there isn't. Thanks, Ethan.
Ethan - 2nd May 2011
Firebox says: We aren't aware of any plans for there to be another season.
I am looking to buy this for someone and I'm not sure about how many of the 256 cards you get in the season 2 wave 1 box.
William Butler - 12th December 2010
Firebox says: You get over 200 cards per box, but these are random so there could be duplicates in there.
I ordered the Perplex City Card Album which I am very happy with. It will actually hold more than 256 cards, ideal for any swaps you might have lying around. Also, the design is a lot better than the rather plain Season 1 album last time round.
James - 28th March 2007
What I'd like to know is how come the person who found the cube and won 100, 000k also gets a free £50 firebox voucher for his picture. Talk about hitting the jackpot!
James - 24th March 2007
Firebox says: Some people have all the luck!