USB Panic Button

Abort! Abort!

USB Panic Button

Abort! Abort!

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This interweb thingy is brilliant, isn't it? Work, on the other hand, is not. Unfortunately the internet is accessed via the very machine you're supposed to be using for work.

USB Panic Button

Get ready to launch...
a spreadsheet.

And that's why virtually everyone who uses a computer at work spends most of the time looking over their shoulder. Indeed, at this very moment you're gaping at gadgets and gizmos when you should probably be studying annual reports or typing up the minutes from this morning's board meeting. And we wouldn't even begin to speculate where you were surfing prior to this. Shame on you!

Of course most work-shirkers choose to combat this highly annoying paradox by hammering frantically on their mouse when the boss walks by. But not us. Oh no, we simply hit the USB Panic Button and relax. Why? Because this ingenious comedy stealth device instantly opens a boring document to conceal our embarrassment (and all those incriminating windows). Brilliant!

USB Panic Button

Some boring documents.

The USB Panic Button looks just like one of those emergency buttons you see in the movies - you know, the ones that launch missiles, shut off power, eject seats from fighter jets and cause Daffy Duck to lose his beak and feathers. It's even got one of those flip-open perspex covers and is covered in yellow and black warning stripes. Perfect for adding a suitably CIA-esque touch to your desk.

USB Panic Button
As well as its own boring document, this USB-friendly device will also bring up any other image you fancy - from your company logo to a photo of your mom. The possibilities are endless. The USB Panic Button is an ideal gift for anyone who spends too much time looking at things they shouldn't (that'll be all of us) and it's perfect for easily distracted surfers who spend more time searching for holidays, bargains and rude pictures than they do searching for new clients. (Again, that'll be all of us). So don't panic, just hurry up and hit the Buy button. Abort! Abort!

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Please Note:
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months. Contatins small parts.
  • This item is a functional device and is not intended as a child's plaything.
  • If using your own document the USB Panic Button only accepts JPG images
  • 1 x USB Panic Button
  • 1 x Windows Driver CD
Product Specification:
  • Requires Windows XP, 1.66mhz processor and above, 64MB RAM and USB port
  • Not Mac compatible
  • USB powered
  • Approximately 5.5cm (W) x 4.5cm (H) x 9cm (D)

Customer Reviews

This gadget is great, but the software only displays a static image, so I find it's of limited use. However some alternative software (by me) is available to download from http://awatts. Co. Uk I hope this is of use to those want it to do more.
Awatts - 4th March 2009
This is a simple brilliant idea! It's great for pranking people like making things they are not meant to have on their screen appear on their screen! Aswell as saving you when your boss/teacher or supervisor checks on you! :D.
Chris Hardley - 13th April 2008
What a great thing! It not only fooled my boss, but looks great on the desk too!
Ricky Lawler - 2nd January 2008
I Sooooo want one of these! It's easy to make it look like it's launching anything, just take a screenshot and save it as a JPEG! GREAT!
Dafydd Richards - 21st October 2007
It's brilliant! when I get told to do some research from the boss, I just configured the button to show a pic of a search engine with whatever I'm researching typed in. Please don't tell!
Gman - 20th October 2007
Now this I want to get. I have this little animated image thing as an EXE. off a Star Trek style red alert animated screen. I want to program this thing to that EXE. , put it on my desk and invite a friend round. After a while shout "uh-oh!" hit the button let the red alert animated icon flash up on both screens (it has a siren sound as well) and run out the room. It would be worth it.
Charles W - 19th October 2007