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PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack

Choppers with lasers!

PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack

Choppers with lasers!

Sorry, this product is not available.

Sorry! This product is no longer available but the following accessories are still available while stocks last:

Batteries (4x AA) Batteries (4x AA) for PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack / Havoc Heli Battle Pack

(x3 @ $4.79 each)
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RC helicopters? Armed with lasers? Capable of disabling each other's engines? No, we haven't lost our marbles, returned from the future or even overdosed on bad sci-fi; we've been playing with the amazing PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack.

PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack

Infra red light...poised!

Sky Challenger is the battling helicopter set that allows couch potato pilots to shoot down enemy whirlybirds with a well-placed infra red blast. If you remember the movie Blue Thunder starring him out of Jaws you'll know exactly what we mean. Sort of.

PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack




PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack

Flashing LED lights!

Actually if you do remember Blue Thunder you're too old to be playing 'woka-woka, I'm going down!' style games. But don't let that put you off because this is one of the most entertaining playthings in the history of pretend aerial warfare.
PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack

Look out...incoming 11 o'clock!!

PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack

Small and light

Incredibly manoeuvrable with nifty auto stability, each rechargeable micro chopper can take off, hover, descend, turn left, right and move forward. And that's just as well because avoiding your opponent's laser requires some pretty fancy moves. If you do get hit your helicopter's motor temporarily cuts out causing it to spin towards terra firma. But fear not, PicoZ helicopters are surprisingly robust. Besides, once you've honed your skills you should be able to remain airborne and avoid biting the carpet.

PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack

Hit that fire button!

You and your opponent control the action via smart little handheld transmitters that double up as chargers. They even feature built-in speakers that rata-tat-tat every time you hit the fire button. Thrilling? Conducting mid-air battles with a pair of Sky Challengers is like...erm, well it's like nothing else around because even real helicopters have yet to add laser beams to their weaponry. And even when they do, you won't be able enjoy beam-blasting mid-air battles sitting on the sofa or loafing at your desk. So woka-woka are you waiting for? Look out, incoming 3 o'clock! Atatatatata!

PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack

The IR control also doubles up as the recharger for the helicopter!

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PicoZ Sky Challenger Battle Pack
Please note:
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years. This product contains small parts
  • For ages 10+
  • Dual bands allow both models to be flown together, with interactive laser beams!
  • Take off, hover and descend, turn left and right with fixed forward movement
  • Supplied completely assembled and already charged ready-to-fly, with pre-installed 2 Channel Proportional Infra red control system
  • Individual product weight: Only 11g, including flight battery
  • Range: Up to 10m (30ft)
  • Frequency: Infra red control system
  • Rechargeable flight battery: High capacity integral Lithium Polymer battery
  • Integral transmitter/charger supplied with LED indicator/auto shut off
  • Simply plug in and charge, with easy to use connections
  • Charging time: 20-30 minutes for full charge
  • Flight duration:10 minutes between charges
  • Product - approximately 17cm(W) x 7cm(H) x 2.5cm(D)
  • Packaging - approximately 40.5cm(W) x 32.5cm(H) x 7cm(D)
Batteries required:
  • Transmitters - 6x AA Alkaline batteries (not included) for each transmitter
  • 2 x Helicopters
  • 2 x Transmitters
  • 1 x Instructions

Customer Reviews

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I have had quite a few copters, and these are definitely the best. Whether u play your mates or siblings, it is the best. If u look at the photos, u can see my overall review on three copters. Thanx Firebox.
Alex Tannen, London - 15th October 2010
These helicopters are great. It doesn't take long to get use to the controls and they take a lot of abuse. They just seem to keep flying. Even if they do get broken I just glue them back together and they keep going. I definitely recommend them.
Jon, England - 3rd January 2010
I'm curious what the little orange plastic bit is (it comes in the box in the same packet as the spare rotors and silver weights). Can anyone tell me what it is?
Alex, London - 3rd August 2009
Firebox says: It's to help you remove the rear propellers if they're broken.
Just had first play with these little beauts...hard to get to go in straight line at the moment but quite good fun...once I get the hang of flying will be looking for combat!! :).
Lee, Luton - 18th December 2008
Firebox says: that sounds like a challenge to other Fireboxers...
I bought the choppers for my niece for her Christmas present. One broke after 2 hours and I emailed firebox. Com. They asked no questions and replaced them once they were back in stock. I have made 2 further purchases from firebox. Com due to their customer care. I have also reccomended firebox. Com to friends due to their great help and customer care. A company to be trusted!
Daryl McKillion, Coatbridge - 17th February 2008
These are amazing, easy to fly and really tough. They can withstand the crashes of the amateur pilot. And the dog fights. AMAZING!!
Olly, Shoreham - 27th December 2007