EZVision i-Theater

It's like mainlining movies

EZVision i-Theater

It's like mainlining movies

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Futuristic shades that you can watch movies on are usually the stuff of far-fetched films and episodes of Star Trek. But as with mobile phones, voice-activated computers and cloaking devices (what, haven't you got one?), science fiction has now become science fact.

That's because iTheater is a stunningly impressive piece of eyewear that allows you to watch whatever you like whenever you like, in the privacy of your own…erm, head. Simply put on the sleek, lightweight goggles, bung in the integrated earphones and prepare to be totally blown away by a fully immersive audiovisual assault.


Does not repress laser eye-beam powers

Ingenious optical trickery causes iTheater's twin TFT LCD monitors to replicate the effect of watching a massive 50" screen from a distance of 8.5ft. Don't ask us how - apparently it's got something to do with optical alignment, binocular display and pupil size. All we know is the effect is like having a home cinema grafted on to your retinas - amazing! And there's no need to strain because the dual screens cause eyes to focus at 2.5m.

iTheater works with almost any video source (iPod, DVD, laptop etc.), making it an all-encompassing hour-cruncher on long journeys (assuming you're not actually driving). Yes, you'll look like Geordi La Forge, but who cares about that when you're totally absorbed in the latest blockbuster/game/video. Besides, twenty years ago mobile phone users looked like Captain Kirk. That's progress.

iTheater's power supply holds up to 8 hours of juice, so you won't have to leave your virtual world to search for batteries. It really is the ultimate travelling companion - there's even a handy USB charger for all you roving laptop lovers.

Apart from welding a 50" plasma to the end of your hooter and chucking a black sheet over your head, we can think of no better way to completely immerse yourself in a movie. So hurry up and hit Buy. The future's so bright, you just gotta wear iTheater!

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Please Note:
  • EZVision i-Theater does not come with a cable for viewing video from a laptop
  • Eyewear approximately 17cm(W) x 3cm(H) x 19cm(D)
  • Batterypack approximately 3.7cm(W) x 9.6cm(H) x 1.1cm(D)
  • Super light 70g
  • Private view
  • 50" Screen simulation
  • Integrated headphones with simulated surround sound
  • Compatible with ipod photo/video
  • Slim design rechargeable Li-NH battery
  • 8 Hours battery life
  • Please note the Sony PSP does not have video out and therefore will not function with this product
  • 1 x iTheater eyewear
  • 1 x Rechargeable battery pack
  • 1 x Battery pack
  • 1 x iPod cable
  • 1 x UK mains charger
  • 1 x Composite cable (L/R/V inputs)
  • 2 x Velcro cable ties
  • 1 x Plastic nose-bridge
  • 2 x Rubber nose-bridge
  • 1 x Instructions
Technical Specifications:
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Contrast Ratio: 200:1
  • Viewing angle: 25° (diagonal)
  • Virtual image size: 50" at 2.5m (diagonal)
  • Power adapter: 4.5~5.0 VDC
  • Power consumption: Max 430mW

Customer Reviews

I want to get one of these for my husband but can I just ask those of you that have the Xbox 360- can you still wear your headset (hubby uses one when playing on-line)?
Sophia - 14th March 2008
Firebox says: Yes you can Sophia, just plug in the RCA's into the headset.
Oh my god! These things are awesome!!! After a lot of time deliberating whether or not to buy them I went for it and they are well above my expectations!! I've been using them all weekend on my PS2 and it's great! Driving games are hard though because you instinctively turn your head around corners!! I'm using it with the Creative Zen Vision:M at the moment... excellent picture quality! You do have to shell out a bit extra to buy an extra cable to work with it but it is worth the money. I do like watching Prison Break in the privacy of my own head!! Nice one Firebox!
Ellie James - 13th August 2007
Further to Jamie's question regarding the Nokia N95. IT DOES WORK. I've just tried it out. The N95 has Video Out and it works fine. Tips: It's better to use the RCA adaptor you get with the N95 and use the adaptor that comes with the EZ Vision, instead of the jack-jack lead. Better picture this way. On your phone, select Fullscreen/PAL and Flicker-Filter=Off for best quality - and also use it in horizontal screen mode. Hope this helps.
David - 24th July 2007
Amazing, in fact unbelievable from something so light to wear. Just been sent a pair from Australia, wondered why yours are not available?
Paula - 8th July 2007
So we have the big TV in the living room, I want to play games and the wife wants to watch telly. Normally we "comprimise" and she get to watch telly. Now to save the arguement I just plug her into the Itheater. I get to play Motorstorm and she gets to watch Grey's Anatomy lying on the sofa. Everyones happy and the iTheater has great picture quality for such a small thing, the attached ear buds are powerful and they glasses are very comfortable to wear for long periods. Plus I get to use them when traveling (plugs straight into my DVD player). If you have a TV vs Console issue at home, buy these now....
Mr B - 29th June 2007
This is another great product, plugged it straight into my 360 woohoo. My question is what is the cable called that I would need to buy to be able to use this with my laptop? Also is there anyway of changing the brightness on the itheatre. Thanks Amanda x.
Amanda - 28th June 2007
Firebox says: The brightness can only be changed if the unit you have connected it to has this feature, TV etc. To connect to PC you need to have a VGA TO 3 RCA Male Cable which is not included. Hope this helps!