Plus Deck Cassette Converter

Reel impressive!

Plus Deck Cassette Converter

Reel impressive!

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Audio cassettes were great in their day, weren't they? Taping stuff off the radio, compiling party mixes, C60s, C90s, er, reeling in mangled tape using a pencil, forgetting what side you were supposed to be rewinding, accidentally recording over your favourites…actually, on second thoughts, tapes were a bit rubbish.

Plus Deck Cassette Converter
The trouble is you've probably got several boxfuls of cassettes filled with precious recordings languishing in the cupboard. And that's why you need the ingenious Plus Deck.

This back to the future bit of kit is a full logic, front-loading cassette deck that can convert, edit and play tapes on your PC. Once you've hooked up the Plus Deck you can rediscover the music and sounds you grew up with in MP3 format, archive your collection, or simply use it to play tapes on your computer.

Plus Deck Cassette Converter
Plus Deck Cassette Converter
It really is amazing what you find on old cassettes - we've already discovered the top 40 countdown from 1984 (complete with Richard Skinner informing the nation that 99 Red Balloons is still number one), a 2Unlimited mix (interrupted by someone saying 'testing, testing' then belching) and a recording of Granny Firebox prattling on about the blitz. And that was just from one C90! Next up, we're going to convert all our audiobooks and Learn German tapes that have been collecting dust for the past decade. Ooh, ja!

Plus Deck Cassette Converter
Easily installed in any spare 5.25" bay of your computer, the idiot-proof Plus Deck is packed with user-friendly features and the conversion software is a doddle to suss. It even boasts auto reverse so you can play both sides of the tape without ejecting it.

Plus Deck Cassette Converter
Once you start converting you'll be totally hooked. And when you eventually run out of tapes to digitize, you can bet your wonky spools that friends and relatives will come a knocking with their collections. So hurry up and get ordering - you won't have to stretch your fingers to press 'rec' and 'play' simultaneously, just hit the Buy button. Sound!

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Please Note:
  • This device can not be used as an external drive
  • Seats in 5.25" internal drive bay (the same size as CD/DVD drive)
  • Not Mac compatible
  • This device cannot be connected using USB. PC's with a male serial port are to be used.
  • Engineered with Hi-Fi audio technology
  • Full-logic control of the deck with the user friendly Plusdeck 2c software
  • 14.8cm(W) x 4.5cm(H) x 21.5cm(D)
System Requirements:
  • 5.25" internal drive bay
  • CD-ROM drive for software installation
  • 700MHz IntelŪ PentiumŪ III or faster
  • An available expansion slot for connection card
  • Sound card (Line-in required)
  • Windows 98 or above
  • Plusdeck 2c PC cassette drive
  • Connection Card
  • 20-pin connection cable
  • 3EA * Stereo Cables
  • Serial cable
  • Software CD
  • User Manual (English / Korean)

Customer Reviews

What a product! First of all the delivery - outstanding, was sent literally in 1 hr of ordering - how good is that. Package arrived on time as promised the following morning. So cracking open the well packaged toy my hands were on the thing that was going to bring my old Electro tapes a new leash of life - Quality Anyway, the Beastie Boys went straight into the PC slot, wired and booted in under 5mins... I downloaded the most recent software from the Plus Deck website (a 2mb download) and was ready to rock! This is the mutts nuts! From start to finish I was cutting my first few tracks in 10mins. . Superb. Having a quick flick through the software it states you can setup recording playlists to go back onto audio tapes - so it may be able to record as well - checking this tomorrow when I can locate a blank tape! This is a quality device and a must for all them lonely tapes out there. Get one of these bad boys and get rocking! And thanks for the sweets Firebox... I'm kicking back listening to some old tunes and enjoys the chews...thanks! Great Service!!!
Scot - 1st August 2007
Excellent piece of kit. I have a massive cassette collection. Many are irreplaceable. Easy to install and worked first time. I didn't find the software that good so used the MS Plus digital recorder. Why didn't I get one earlier? It's saving me so much time, and I'm preserving my collection. Brilliant! Thank you Firebox.
Hannen Beith - 8th July 2007
Can you record onto cassettes as well? I'm still old fashioned and make mixtapes. So it'd be amazing if I could record my mp3s directly onto tape!
Felix - 14th June 2007
Firebox says: No recording capability yet I am afraid Felix. However there have been rumour's that the USB version that is due out later this year will have a recording facility - wonderful!
What serial ports would I need? Would a 2 Port Serial RS-232 Card suffice? Am not sure what type of serial port is required here.
Neil Burrows - 14th June 2007
Firebox says: You would need a spare 'male' serial port. So outy pins rather than inny holes, if that makes any sense?
This is an excellent product, very easy to use and a big improvement on the external tape deck I was using before. It really is just a case of clicking a button and seeing the whole tape (both sides) converted to mp3 without further intervention. Note however, that it requires a serial port - this isn't listed in the system requirements, but if like me you have a modern PC without one, factor in the extra expense of installing one (suitable cards are fairly cheap off eBay, but will use up another expansion slot and can sometimes be difficult to install - mine was!).
Brian Duguid - 4th June 2007
Firebox says: Excellent, thanks for the additional info Brian!
It requires a serial port, Why? I have one serial port which is used for my drawing pen!
Brian Walters - 27th May 2007
Firebox says: In order for it to work it has a serial cable running from the connection card (included) to your actual computer. Maybe use the port one at a time?