War on Terror Boardgame

It's only a boardgame.

War on Terror Boardgame

It's only a boardgame.

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George Dubya once said, "It's a world of madmen and uncertainty." And whatever way you look at it, he was right. After all, this is the same man who also said: "I promise I will listen to whatís been said here, even though I wasn't here."

War on Terror Boardgame
The War on Terror Boardgame

The face of evil?

But it isnít just the President. The whole world's gone a bit doolally lately. And nothing exemplifies this more than the War on Terror Board Game. A satirical reaction to modern day events, this highly topical game of strategy sees players struggling to restore order to our turbulent world.

The War on Terror Boardgame

More money = more power!

The goal of War on Terror is to liberate the world, ridding it of fear forever. Alternatively, you can play for a world without empires. Incredibly insightful, War on Terror is like a cross between Risk and Monopoly with loads of complex contemporary crises thrown in.

The War on Terror Boardgame

Plan your attack!

As players attempt to liberate (okay, conquer) countries and develop them with villages, towns and cities, they must earn money via (pilfered) oil income from occupied territories. They can also declare war, make and break treaties and fund regime changes. Amidst all this dodgy dealing, there are political kidnaps, secret treaties, dubious propaganda campaigns and intercontinental wars to contend with. Realistic? Itís too close for comfort!

The War on Terror Boardgame

The (literal) Axis of Evil

Of course no War on Terror would be complete without an Axis of Evil, and in this case it is handily located as a spinner in the middle of the board. The spinner decides who the baddies are with its random finger of suspicion. You'll even get a nasty little subsidy in the form of a few special cards. If you weren't evil before, you soon will be.

As well as providing stacks of intrigue, this engrossing, brilliantly executed game is guaranteed to bring out the nastiest, greediest, most paranoid aspects of your character. So hurry up and hit Buy. To quote Dubya: "Let's don't fear the future, let's shape it."

War on Terror Boardgame

Build your empire... burn down your enemy's

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Please note:
  • Contains small parts
  • Suitable for Ages 14+
  • 2-6 Players
  • Game time approximately 120 minutes
  • Boxed - Approx. 50cm(W) x 30cm(H) x 7cm(D)
  • Board - Approx. 80cm(W) x 50cm(H)
  • 1x World Map Board
  • 1x Rules of Engagement
  • 1x Card Appendix
  • 1x Action Die
  • 2x Oil Dice
  • 1x 'Evil' Balaclava
  • 1x Secret Message Pad & Pencil
  • 1x 'Axis of Evil' Spinner
  • 6x Reference Cards
  • 47x Terrorist Cards
  • 65x Empire Cards
  • 6x Sets of Coloured Empire Counters
  • 1x Set of Black Terroist Units
  • 15x Radiation Counters
  • 180x 'World Bank of Capitalism' Bank Notes
  • 60x Oil Counters

Customer Reviews

Lol 10/10 this has got to be the best boardgame I have ever played, It's also makes you think about the things that really go on in the world. "wage war on the most dangerous abstract noun known to man".
Sam - 21st April 2008
Loved it! The only boardgame I ever played that gets more fun as the game goes on. It's hilarious. And although the geography on the board is deliberately silly, it does make you think - in that Iraq and Afganistan are strategically crucial and we ended up fighting there a lot. Intereting as well as fun.
Anna - 25th January 2008
An amazing game! after spending an afternoon fending off nuclear attacks and encouraging terrorist uprisings in annoying family members countries I was well and truly hooked. Oh, and the 'evil' balaclava is a very good look!
Seoanid Kyle - 18th January 2007
Excellent - thought provoking, funny, great fun and did I mention thought provoking?
Nick Barnes - 16th January 2007