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Cocktail Fountain

Let the good times flow

Cocktail Fountain

Let the good times flow

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As seen on... Nigella Express The traditional punch bowl is an essential bit of kit at any party - from P Diddy-esque extravaganzas and "Mr Ambassador you really are spoiling us" style receptions, to the kind of shindig you see in those gross-out frat house movies. A party just isn't complete without one.

The problem is most hosts seem happy to make do using a walloping great pudding bowl and a couple of ancient soup ladles. And when you think about it, that's a bit like serving champagne in toothbrush beakers.

Cocktail Fountain

Party time!

For this reason we went in search of a decent punch bowl. But what we found makes even the flashest of container look about as glam as a crushed can overflowing with fag-ends. The ingenious Cocktail Fountain is an ornate, mains powered fountain that delivers cascades of punch (or any other drinkiepoo) directly into the cup. No ladle required!

Featuring an illuminated lower bowl, this highly Bacchanalian tower is crafted in high-quality crystalline plastic, but it wouldn't look out of place in ancient Rome. Or Posh and Beck's kitchen. Or Hugh Hefner's limo. Or Jabba the Hutt's barge. Well, you get the idea.

Cocktail Fountain

So how does it work? Well, your drink of choice (boozy or non-alcoholic) is pumped from the lower bowl to the top tier. It then cascades down from one level to the next through holes around the edge of each tier. This causes a stunning waterfall effect that allows guests to fill their cups without using a ladle.

A spectacular centre-piece for any get-together, the fun but functional Cocktail Fountain is guaranteed to wow your pals with its dazzling display. It's also perfect for adding a touch of chi-chi glamour to your dinner parties. You could even make like a proper playboy and glug from its cascading curtains when slumped in front of the telly. Sessions will never be the same again. Cheers! (Grape-wielding maidens sold separately).

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Delivery details:
This product can only be delivered to addresses within the UK.

Please Note:
  • Holds 4.7 Litres
  • Please drink responsibly
  • Approximately 30.5cm (D) x 59.7cm(H)
  • 1 x Main bowl
  • 8 x Cups
  • 1 x Long rod
  • 1 x Short rod
  • 1 x First tier bowl
  • 1 x Second tier bowl
  • 2 x Tier splash guards
  • 7 x Spouts (2 spare)
  • 1 x Top piece

Customer Reviews

Absolutely took the cake at the office decorating contest at Halloween. Mix some red food coloring with water and set it on a table in the reception area. Absolutely awesome!
Sara, Kansas City, KS - 29th October 2009
This cocktail fountain is absolutely brilliant!!! I bought one for a party a friend of mine had and even though it got broken by the end of the night, the copious amounts of alcohol that went into it kept everyone happy all night!
Faye Robshaw, Huddersfield - 17th May 2007
I got this cocktail fountain for a christmas party at my place. All my guests were amazed to see it when they came into the room, it was that amazing. The lights at the base manage to light up all the liquid to make it look really spectacular. The plastic material used is really good quality. I recommend this for any party. Brilliant!
Jane, Bristol - 3rd January 2007
This is a LIGHTED punch fountain, and the lights reflect all the way to the top, at least with clear water in it (all I have tried in it is water). It is so sparkly, it is even more shiny than my lamps. The pump makes some noise, but conversation or music should easily hide the sound. The instructions say you can't use 100% carbonated drinks (but its for punch, right?) and I can live with 33% carbonation. The pump pulls from the center bottom so ice should be fine. No pulp or the pump will clog up, but why would you put a drink in it that is not clear ? If you do then you might not be able to see the lights. This is my favorite new toy of the month.... time to have a party.
Adam, California - 4th November 2006