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USB Drum Kit

Drum roll please!

USB Drum Kit

Drum roll please!

Sorry, this product is not available.



USB Drum Kit Snare

One, two, three, four!

To the purist, drums and electronics go together like liver and custard. But we're not purists. And we quite like liver and custard. Besides, the days when the only sounds electronic drumkits could muster were pathetic, disco-ey 'poos' and EastEnders-style 'dums' are definitely over.

Unfortunately most of today's electronic drumkits cost a small fortune. Not so the USB Drum Kit. Coming in at less than the price of a decent cymbal, this ingenious set up plugs directly into your nearest USB port and plays through your computer's soundcard and speakers. Clever, eh!

USB Drum Kit in use

Hear the drummer get wicked

Whether you're a total novice or a seasoned skinbasher, the USB Drum Kit is an ideal practice kit as it can be played through headphones for virtually silent practice. The only noise housemates will hear is the tippity-tap of sticks on the kit's rubber trigger pads.

And what about all those thwacktastic drum and cymbal sounds? Well, the USB Drum Kit's 'brain' contains 233 realistic drum sounds and 50 preset rhythm patters, so you can have a bombastic rock kit one minute and a crisp funk kit the next. You can even compose complete arrangements and create and save your own customised patterns and songs.

USB Drum Kit software

Software included

Easily mounted on a compact rack system, the USB Drum Kit's six playing pads are velocity-sensitive so you can create Dave Grohl-levels of percussive pandemonium or give it a little less wallop, Charlie Watts-styley. The pads can also be 'choked', which, for all you non-drummers out there, means they can be caught with one hand in order to instantly kill any sustain. (Think opening bars of Eye of the Tiger).

Two equally responsive pedals take care of all your bass drum/hi-hat action and we'll even throw in a full tutorial system/CD video to get all you wannabe Keith Moons on the road to superstardom. For those about to rock, we salute you!

USB Drum Kit lifestyle

Connects to your PC/Mac via USB

more info

Delivery details:
The product is despatched without any added packaging around it, so there is nothing to disguise what it is. Please bear this in mind if you intend to give it as a present!

NB - This is the Ion IED05 USB MK2 Drum Kit. This new and improved version is now compatible with Mac! You can now enjoy the USB Drum Kit directly in GarageBand. Product visually varies ever so slightly from the one pictured.
Please Note:
  • Shipped flat-packed, simple assembly required
  • Laptop in main image - not included
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac (unfortunately the crash choke doesn't work on Mac)
  • Requires a USB 1.1+ port Features:
    • Includes CD of learning software and tutorials great for new or experienced drummers who wish to improve their performance.
    • Easy USB installation.
    • USB powered.
    • Easy assembly.
    • Complete drum rack easily configures to optimum personal playing positions.
    • Pads have choke capability while playing crash or ride cymbals.
    • Advanced sampling technology for high quality audio.
    • 161 sound combinations from 17 sound banks.
    • 7.5 pads with sensitivity adjustment for true drum feeling and response.
    • The USB Drum Kit (Pedal to the Hi Hat) does function in the same manner as a conventional Drum Kit, allowing the Hi Hat to produce a sound as if it is Open or Closed.
    • 6 x Percussion pads
    • 2 x Kick pedals
    • 1 x Audio host
    • 1 x Stand
    • 2 x Drumsticks
    • 1 x Software CD with extended manual
    • Cables
    • Quick start instruction manual
    • Approximately 90cm (W) x 100cm(H) x 40cm(D)
    • Dimensions vary - fully adjustable.
    • Technical Support
      • Please phone: 01252 896080

Customer Reviews

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Looks great and really thinking about getting one but can you record what you are playing? and if so can it be saved as an mp3 file (or similar) and then be transferred? Thanks.
Chris, Glasgow - 11th November 2011
Firebox says: You can! all you have to do is use a recording capable programme/app on your PC or Mac
Excellents drums but my question is: work with Fruity Loops, Reason 4. 0 and EZ Drummer?
Damian, Venezuela - 9th September 2011
Firebox says: It's a USB plug and play device Damian, so yes indeed, it should work with all of the above (although we've not been able to test it).
Question...not a review. I am thinking of purchasing this kit for my son's 8th birthday but he only has a very basic acer window 7 starter notebook with 1gb memory! Would the kit be compatible?! Thanks in advance :-).
Joanne Frodsham, Liverpool - 8th September 2011
Firebox says: It's a plug and play USB device effectively, Joanne, so as long as you can install the software you should be fine.
I want to buy this for my 5-year-old's birthday. He's 3-foot nothing. Would it be too big for him?
CJ, Antrim - 29th August 2011
Firebox says: It'll be a bit tall CJ, although the height can be adjusted. It's designed for a slightly older age group.
I have a mixer which I use to record with my band could I also use these drums to record ?
Rob Oliver, Cambridge - 18th August 2011
Firebox says: Unfortunately you can't use these to record, sorry Rob.
Hey, considering purchasing this in the near future, but can you tell me if you have to plug headphones into your computer to hear sound, or is there a headphone jack on the kit. Also, I got the impression that the crash+ride cymbal don't work at the same time, can you confirm if this is right/wrong. Thanks :).
D.Formoso, London, England - 11th August 2011
Firebox says: You can plug headphones straight into the kit. The cymbals should be able to work at the same time.