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Bullseye Tankard and Darts

Look at what you could have won

Bullseye Tankard and Darts

Look at what you could have won

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Bullseye Replica Tankard

Great detail

Ah, Bullseye. Probably the greatest so-bad-it-was-good gameshow in history. Apart from 3, 2, 1 and Going for Gold, no other quiz comes close to replicating the unbridled genius of this televisual tatfest. Indeed, aficionados of rubbish TV still talk about Bullseye in hushed tones, it was that good...we mean, we don't really know what we mean.
But enough reminiscing, because Bullseye is back - sort of - in the shape of the super, smashing, great Bullseye Tankard with Darts. Just as fabulously tacky as you remember, this fantastic metal tankard is a gorgeous(ish) replica of the one presented by Sir Jim of Bowen to countless shell-suited Darrens and Sharons. And you won't have to make a prize plum out of yourself or grow an 80s bum-fluff moustache to get your hands on it. Better still it comes with a set of 125mm Bullseye branded darts.

Bullseye Tankard and Darts

Bullseye branded darts with pouch incluced!

Bullseye Replica Tankard
You don't need us to explain the fun you can have with this deeply ironic gift set, but seeing as we're talking about a game show featuring questions of the "spell dog" variety - we will anyway. Presenting this dart-filled tankard to a colleague who's just been blanked/dumped or missed out on a promotion/lost a bet, is truly hilarious. A bit like a luxury version of a Family Fortunes-style 'Ugh-Urgh'. It really is the ultimate insult…sorry, consolation prize. It also looks rather nice sitting on a desk. What's more the darts are great for attempting that 101-with-six-arrows challenge.

Bullseye Tankard and Darts

Jim Bowen




Jim handing out prizes

Bullseye Replica Tankard


Sadly, unlike a Bullseye contestant, you don't have the time it takes the board to revolve to make up your mind. We can't even give you your BFH. So hurry up and click "Buy" or you'll go home empty handed. Moo-ooo!

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Thanks to our friends at UKGameshows for providing us with the images from the Bullseye Game Show.

Please Note:
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Ages 14+
  • Tankard - approximately 11cm(W) x 14cm(D) x 14cm(H)
  • Darts - approximately long

Customer Reviews

You can't Beat a Bit Of Bully, with the dave Spikey fronted re-vamped Bullseye on our screens it's great to see that us non-talented darts fans can get our hands on a piece of history with a bully tankard and dart set. The free talking keyring will brighten up those mental darts nights down the pub where if you you leave with both eyes intact it's a bad night.
Phil Allely, Belfast - 8th September 2006

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