The Good Book

What a refreshing read

The Good Book

What a refreshing read

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Let us hope that nobody in your home or office is interested in religious-looking books. Why? Because this particularly ingenious hardback features a clever cut-out section containing a quality 4oz stainless steel hip flask.

The Good Book

Booze is the food of gods!

The Good Book has been specially created for all you sinners who enjoy a sneaky snifter. Simply fill the gleaming hip flask with your spirit of choice, place it in the cut-out section and slap shut this beautifully crafted book.

You can then bung your Good Book on the nearest shelf, or slip it in your office drawer, safe in the knowledge would-be thieves (or angelic colleagues) won't bother flicking through your cunningly disguised reading matter when searching for the source of your dubious-smelling breath.

The Good Book
The Good Book is also great for transporting your booze without raising suspicion. Because lets face it, hiding a hip flask in your holster or cowboy boots is simply not appropriate in this day and age. Unless of course you're a maverick cop or a rootin' tootin' cowboy. (In which case, shouldn't you be busy handing over your gun and badge or saddling up?).

The Good Book

Wine maketh merry

Speaking of mavericks, there's something inexplicably cool about secreting your booze in a book. If Clint Eastwood ever stars in a Tarantino movie we feel sure he'd have a copy of the Good Book in his non-Magnum-toting hand. And as for Samuel L. Jackson…well, he's already got one. Probably.

This particular Good Book is unlikely to deliver you from evil, and it's sure to lead you into temptation. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get ordering!

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Please Note:
  • Please drink responsibly.
  • Hip flask made from stainless steel.
  • 10cm(W) x 14.5cm(H) x 3cm(D)
  • Flask holds 40oz

Customer Reviews

At work, we used to have a dictionary with a cutout that was big enough to hold a huge bottle of scotch. It was left near the toilet among some romance novels and self-help books. One day, someone dropped the dictionary in the toilet and life hasn't been the same since. Co-workers no longer come to work early, or stay a little late. Production is down, and no one wants to work overtime on the weekends. Here's hoping The Good Book will put us all back in His Good Grace. Amen!
Kevin Miguel - 1st June 2009
What a brilliant idea!! Reminds me of this story from years ago when I was a kid! My families parish priest was travelling across the border by car with his trunk loaded with bootleg whisky, wearing his full priest gear, black gown and white collar. He was stopped and asked what he was carrying, he politely replied "officer, I have a trunk full of bootleg whisky back there" with his best parish priest, butter wouldn't melt, look. The border guard, waved him through without a second look. The moral of the story? Religious stereotypes are the perfect disguise for whisky smuggling (and that Catholic priests are also partial to a drop of the hard stuff). Anyway the priest who told me this story as a child would have loved the good book.
Jamie - 26th October 2006