Sun Jar

Sunshine storage system

Sun Jar

Sunshine storage system

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Dusk Jar

NEW Dusk Jar

Collecting sunshine sounds like something a Bond villain might do on his day off, but it's actually something the charming little Sun Jar does every day. That's because this traditional-looking frosted glass container houses a solar cell, battery and LED lights.

The idea is to leave the Sun Jar near a window or under some decent artificial light so that it can collect energy throughout the day. Then when darkness falls it provides a warm, ambient glow. Clever eh?

Dusk Jar

It's not magic, it's machine!

This ingenious marriage of modern technology and good old-fashioned styling has been created by hot avant-garde designer Tobi Wong, and we reckon it's a classic in the making. After all, up-to-the-minute styling is fine and dandy, but sometimes it's nice to stare at something that doesn't look like it's fallen off the back of the Starship Enterprise. Besides, messing about with jars and candles is a right rigmarole.

Dusk Jar

You won't be able to
take your eyes off it

The enchanting Sun Jar is ideal for adding a magical touch to your evening soirees. But don't just buy the one (well, do) because Sun Jars look even better in clusters. Here at Firebox HQ we've dotted the entire office with these eco-friendly gizmos. Come nightfall you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled upon an enchanted grotto. Or a weird pagan ceremony.

If sunlight's not your thing, how about a jar that gives off an enchanting blue glow? It's easy with the Moon Jar. This traditional-looking frosted glass container is exactly the same as its sunny sibling only the LEDs inside are blue. Ideal for adding a magical nocturnal glow to any scenario, the atmospheric Moon Jar is out of this world.

Sun Jar




Dusk Jar

Moon Jar

Ideal for tightwads who hate forking out on batteries/leccy bills, and (sun) spot-on for the ecologists amongst you, the Sun Jar has countless uses around the home. And because it lacks the dazzling gleam of an electric light, it's perfect as a gentle bedside lamp or a mood light at parties.

Apart from catching fireflies and bunging them in jam jars, we can think of no better way to add a touch of glowing charm to your home. So get ordering; if you're anything like us, you could do with a few jars.

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Please Note:
  • While Sun Jars do make excellent outdoor lighting during the evenings, it is recommended that when not in use they should be stored indoors on a sunny window sill.
  • For best results, please leave the Sun Jar switched off whilst charging. Simply switch it to the on position when you would like it to glow. This conserves battery life and will leave it to illuminate when you need it to.
  • Approximately 10cm(W) x 16cm(H) x 10cm(D)
Charge Time:
  • Full charge takes 3 hours and gives 5 hours of continuous glow.

Customer Reviews

Bought one of those for myself a while ago as something for a photo-prop... I haven't taken any photos with it yet, but it sits happily by my window glowing in the nighttime, adding that extra little bit of comfort to my room :).
Sammie Caine - 28th November 2012
I love these, I use them as night lights 4 my 2 year old twins, the only problem I've had recently is that they have been taking longer to charge than normal I think its because were not getting as much light. I didn't think mine worked at first its only when I got them out again after we moved to a new house & they worked great then, but it was the middle of summer so I think its something to do with the dull weather we get in the winter. Also they are SOLAR powered & don't charge under normal light. I just thought I'd point this out in case anyone else was having problems with theirs, other than that I'm glad I didn't throw them out & they make good money saving night lights 4 the kids whether or not it is the weather only time will tell.
J.D - 10th February 2012
Firebox says: We're pretty sure it's the weather JD. Solar powered lights never operate quite as well this time of year. Less sunlight hours and less direct sun unfortunately.
Just arrived in the post, ready to wrap. I took it out to test and have one concern; the latch is really tight and the metal seems to make gashes in the glass when closing/opening. So far I've only done this twice because I don't want to scratch off any more frosted glass - is this normal?
Aldous - 20th December 2011
Firebox says: Being the type of locking mechanism it is, it does make contact with the glass and as a result, may scratch at some of the frosting. If it has dented/grooved the glass, that's not quite right, drop us an email and let us know (
Bought this for my niece to use as a night light. Have had it out to check it works and I know it will do the job perfectly and will save leaving a night light plugged in all night! Gave it an initial charge in artificial light as recommended as has worked really well since. Very excited to give this too her at Christmas!
Laura - 16th December 2011
Firebox says: Excellent Laura! We hope she likes it!
Do these have a switch that changes them from orange to blue light? I have seen some on youtube that have a switch which lets you pick which colour you want.
Daniel - 21st September 2011
Firebox says: Currently the ones we stock are single coloured. But check back soon, we're adding new products every day!
I've had this now about six months and it still doesn't last more then 25 minutes. Sadly it was bought for me as I have SADS and thought it might help me at night when I need the light but didn't work out that well. But makes a night light for comfy feeling as you doze off to sleep and no need to worry about fire or electrical supply as you can keep this in bed with you. Next time find a way to keep it lit longer please.
Timber-Gray Draper - 14th March 2011
Firebox says: Sorry to hear that TG, we'll gladly assist if you're able to provide us with the purchaser's details...please email