They're for you-hoo!


They're for you-hoo!

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Monster MoPod

We've seen some weird and wonderful mobile phone accessories in our time but MoPods really take the biscuit. Why? Well for starters these funky little wearable characters live in transparent domes. But more importantly, they spin and flash when your mobile receives a call or text.

Yes, we know it sounds a bit silly but MoPods aren't half as daft as those Bluetooth headsets favoured by middle-management morons. And if you hate missing calls, MoPods are infinitely more imaginative than a deafening 'I'm wacky, I am!' comedy ringtone. (And that includes the 24 CTU one, the theme from Grange Hill and the music from Austin Powers. Yawn).

The idea is to wear your MoPod as a kind of charm-cum-collectable on bags, belts, clothing, keyrings, or even mobiles. MoPods are destined to become must-have mobile accessories amongst fashion-conscious phone fans everywhere. In fact our good friends in Japan (always first with the coolest peripherals) have already gone completely MoPod mental.

It goes without saying that MoPods come in handy if you're in a noisy pub or sitting on a clattering train, but they also make brilliant desktop/work companions - especially if your phone is in silent mode. Having said that we can't be held responsible for the consequences of wearing a flashing, spinning monster in a board meeting.

More than anything, MoPods are impossibly cute companions that are also extremely practical - and you can't say that about your average collectable thingamabob.

At under a fiver each, this dome-dwelling critter are sure to fly off the shelves in record time. In fact, we feel a craze coming on. So get ordering or you'll end up miserable and MoPod-less. They're for you-hoo!

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Please Note:
  • Not suitable for ages 0-4.
  • Compatible with GSM networks including T Mobile, O2, Orange,
    Virgin, Vodafone.
  • Not compatible with the Three network.
  • Not compatible with 3G handsets
  • Response frequency range of 800 - 1600 MHz (some machines may not respond.
  • Approximately 6cm (H) x 2.3cm (W) x 2.3cm (D)
Battery Requirements:
  • Requires 2x L1154 watch batteries (included)

Customer Reviews

Will these work with a blackberry storm 9500 on the vodafone network?
Dave - 28th July 2009
Firebox says: Yes
I just wanted to report something. A few months back, I lost the little monster blighter. He disapeared completly, so I just wanted you to know I made up my earlier mistake and bought a penguin off you guys! Hope the makes up for the betrayal two years ago :).
Michael (me Again) - 29th June 2009
Firebox says: No worries Michael, all is forgiven!
Have bought Mopod Monkeys as Christmas presents, the cutest things ever & efficient to boot !
Catherine Harris - 14th December 2007
I ordered 2 of these, a Monster for myself and a Penguin for my friend. These things are truly amazing they make the perfect gift for someone of any age, the delivery time was good too as it only took 2 days.
Hayden Martin - 22nd November 2007
So glad I got one of these. It's ace. I am a bit gutted that, after using it for a few months, my little monkey guy has fallen off his stick and I can't figure out how to get him back on it, but that's probably due more to me chucking my phone in my bag and it getting batted about than any manufacturing thing. Regardless of that, it's an ace little piece of kit and definitely gets your attention. Being a sucker for dangly things all I need to do now is find the Spinning Hat Lucky Charmers on here too -- they are ACE *hint hint*!! ;).
Hannah - 2nd November 2007
I bought one of these for my mum, she can never hear her phone. I now want one of my very own. I really want a christmassy one so I can be extra festive.
Liz Reddaway - 22nd October 2007