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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Finger Drums

Give it some wallop

Finger Drums

Give it some wallop

Sorry, this product is not available.

Sorry! This product is no longer available but the following accessories are still available while stocks last:


Judging by the amount of infuriating tip-tapping that goes on in most offices, virtually everyone tries to replicate the percussive pandemonium touted by the likes of Tommy Lee and Keith Moon at some point during the day.

Finger Drums

K-K-Kick it!

Trouble is you probably do it on your desk, your lap and your boss's bald head. (Or is that just us?). The point is we all fancy ourselves as the next Dave Grohl, even if we've got the rhythmic ability of Sweep off the Sooty Show.

But now, thanks to Finger Drums, you can bash seven bells out of a drumkit whenever you fancy without hiring a Transit van and a pair of roadies. That's because this ingenious little desktop set up is designed to be played with your fingers.

Finger Drums

It needs more Hi-Hat!

Measuring only 17cm across (what, did you think we'd hired a giant for the photo?) touch-sensitive Finger Drums allow you to tap out drum solos and record and playback your very own beats. Simply tip-tap the drums and cymbals with your fingers and the kit responds with various realistic sounds. You can even pretend you're an expert skinbasher by playing air-drums to the preloaded demo.

Finger Drums

Maximum Volume: 11

Okay, so the actual sounds (amplified via a speaker in the bass drum) aren't quite up there with the bombastic sonics synonymous with John Bonham et al, but they're better than your poor old Formica desk. Indeed you may even be inspired to smash this battery-operated gizmo to bits and kick it into the baying crowd (okay, the IT department) before smashing up the office, getting off with the cleaning lady and chucking a few TVs out the window. If you want.

Consisting of a snare drum, bass drum with working pedal, two tom toms and a cymbal, this highly Ringo-esque kit really is an ideal desktop companion/stress reliever/addictive timewaster. In fact, it's almost as versatile as Phil Collins. Ka-boom-chi!

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for ages 5+
  • Approximately 17.5cm (W) x 9cm (H) x 13cm (D)
Battery Requirements:
  • 3x AAA batteries (included)

Customer Reviews

Will you guys ever stock the Caribbean finger drums as although these look great, the Caribbean ones can be played to sound like actual music but this one is just bashing around.
Harry Stansfield, Gloucester - 10th April 2011
Firebox says: Unfortunately we have no plans at this stage to stock the Caribbean version, sorry!.
This thing is really addictive! When I first got it it was hard to put down! It is sooo fun to play with because you can play freestyle drumming on it and also record it in your own ways!!!!!!!!! This machine is worth it, only about 8 quid! It is way better than it's price!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoooo!
Sarunyu Prutisart, Surrey, Hindhead - 28th October 2007
This is a great little machine! I received one for my birthday and it was hard to put down! It has great features that allow you to play freestyle drums, record your fills and even listen to a demo to show you the capabilities of this kit! It includes 4 drums: a snare drum, a large tom-tom, a small tom-tom and a big boomy bass drum. Of course, not forgetting to mention a sizzling crash cymbal! Another cool feature is the fact that each drum lights up, when hit, so try playing in the dark for full effect! I would recommend this to anyone, also a good idea for the office, as it says on the box, become the ultimate office enemy! Brilliant stuff, in a compact size. Enjoy this review!!!
Michael Evershed, Backwell - 2nd July 2007
This is fantastic! within 10 minutes had annoyed my workmates, and when I got home my 3 year old loved it - hours of fun!
Steve Gwinnell, Bristol - 19th October 2006
I bought these finger drums for my son who isn't allowed drums as a birthday present. He loves them and every time I come into a room he's there bashing his fingers away at them. They're such great fun, I had a sneaky go on them when he was at school, too! Thanks Firebox from yet another great product from you and fast delivery too!
Maddy Adey, Suffolk - 8th October 2006
This product is just great. I bought it as agift for a friend but think I may have to get one for myself - you just dont know how satsfying playing the drums with your fingers is when it sounds like this does. Get one its great! thanks firebox.
Holly, Kingston - 7th October 2006