Popshotz Dart Gun

I love the smell of foam rubber in the morning

Popshotz Dart Gun

I love the smell of foam rubber in the morning

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The comedy dart gun is a staple of British humour. Wee scamps firing a suckered projectile onto parkie's bald head - what could be more cheering than that. Well, extensive research under test conditions has proved that sticking one on someone's monitor from 25 feet away is guaranteed to give the marksman an equally pleasing glow of satisfaction. And cheese the victim off no end.

Popshotz is the finest indoor handgun in existence. It's easily as powerful as some of the massive pump-action, battery-operated foam dart cannons. You get three darts, plus a torpedo that fits over the barrel. One squeeze of the butt ('scuse me, vicar) and both dart and torpedo can travel very impressive distances.

What's even more impressive is the fact that the suckers on the darts actually do their job without the need of spittle. Licking a grubby rubber hemisphere all covered in fluff is not an option any more. Modern technology means the darts always ping onto screens, windows and other smooth-ish things. This is foam-centric warfare for the 21st century, soldier. Are you up for it?

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Colour may vary from model shown.

The Popshotz Battle Pack contains 4 x Popshotz Dart Guns - which means you'll receive a total of 4 x guns, 12 x foam darts and 4 x foam torpedoes. You'll save almost four quid - and have an arsenal fit for any decent office shoot-out!

Customer Reviews

An excellent little gun. I stuck some bullets on my TV and they stayed there all night, would seriously reccommend.
Oscar Poole - 4th August 2007
Today I realised that when I fired a dart it wasn't actually on properly. So now I've found the proper method I'm doing some even more aggressive negotiation. we are now getting a swimming pool installed as well :p.
Toby - 31st May 2007
Firebox says: Take no prisoners, get that pool installed!
After some "aggressive negotiation" between me, my popshotz and my family I now own the fridge, the pc, and have installed a hot tub in our garden... *insert evil laugh here*.
Toby - 30th May 2007
Really great product, get the battle pack... TRUST ME! Shame the torpedoes are so expensive.
Chris - 3rd May 2007
These are great!I ordered the battle pack and me and my mates are having endless fun running around the house shooting each other! definetly worth buying!
Bob - 23rd December 2006
Great price, great service, great fun! What more can I say?
Matt - 4th April 2006