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AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Fast and Smooth

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350 Replacement Filters for AeroPress Coffee Maker

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  •  Make the smoothest, richest, purest and fastest cup of coffee
  •  Gentle air pressure forces the mix through a special micro-filter
  •  Total brewing time of under 30 seconds
  •  Puts expensive coffee makers to shame!

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Making high quality filter coffee is a right palaver, isn't it? Yes, you can use one of those plunger/cafetiere thingamabobs, but who can be bothered with all that waiting around and washing up? Then there's the posh electric coffee machine: chic and effective, maybe, but this pricey device seems to be the Noughties equivalent of the fondue set, as it invariably ends up collecting dust alongside your sandwich toaster and naked doughnut-hoopla set. (What, haven't you got one?).

Thankfully your good friends at Firebox (or should that be Firebucks?) have discovered a nifty new way to make deliciously smooth filter coffee in no time. The ingenious Aerobie AeroPress is a manually operated device capable of producing pro-standard cups of filter coffee and espresso in less time than it takes to say 'I'll have a frappacappadoodah with sprinkles'.

Independent reviewers and coffee connoisseurs agree that the Aerobie AeroPress delivers the smoothest, richest, purest and fastest cup of coffee (under 30 seconds) you're ever likely to find - and it only costs a bit more than a few double espressos and couple of muffins down your local poncey coffee shop.

Using the AeroPress is a doddle: simply put your coffee in the transparent chamber, pour in hot water, stir for 10 seconds and then depress the plunger. Gentle air pressure forces the mix through a special micro-filter and into the cup below. Easy, eh?

The total brewing time of only 30 seconds reduces acidity in the grounds and results in an exceptionally smooth taste. And the total immersion of the grounds causes rapid yet robust extraction of flavour. We could go on with the scientific blurb but the bottom line is the AeroPress makes the most delicious cup of coffee (including espresso) we've ever tasted.

The amazing AeroPress comes complete with everything you need to get started, including a year's supply of micro filters, so unless you're a chronic bean fiend the only thing you need to buy is the coffee.

We really can't stress just how superior coffee made using this simple gizmo tastes. Of course we could always invite you round for a quick cup, but that would involve divulging the secret location of our subterranean HQ. Besides, we've just run out of biccies.

More Information

Please note:
  • Cup not included.
  • Coffee not included.
  • Years supply of micro-filters.
  • 1x Filter holder.
  • 1x AeroPress (chamber + plunger).
  • 1x Funnel.
  • 1x Scoop.
  • 1x Stirrer.
  • 1x Instruction leaflet.
Download Instruction Sheet.

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Customer Reviews

Bought as a gift for my father and he is extremely pleased with it.

Grace - 8th of July, 2015

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