Raunchy Wrapping Paper

'Tis the season to go 'Phwoar!'

Raunchy Wrapping Paper

'Tis the season to go 'Phwoar!'

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Everyone loves pressies, but all that wrapping/unwrapping malarkey can be a right drag, can't it? Because let's be honest, the vast majority of gift wraps are about as exciting as granny's scented drawer liners. Yes, there is some posh paper on the market, but glittery snowflakes, wimpy patterns and badly drawn cakes are enough to make anyone want to rip their gifts open in a frenzy and chuck the screwed-up debris in the nearest bin.

For this reason we've been hunting high, low and everywhere in between for wrapping paper that conforms to the Firebox ethos of style, sophistication and high-brow innovation. Sadly we couldn't find any. That's why we've decided to stock up on a consignment of Raunchy Wrapping Paper. And no, your eyes do not deceive you: each supersize (84cm x 59cm) sheet of this amusingly risqué gift wrap really is printed with a montage of stunning ladies or hot hunks in varying stages of undress. But - and here's the clever bit - only on the reverse side. Brilliant, eh!

To the casual observer Raunchy Wrapping Paper appears to be innocuous yet stylish gift wrap with a stripy blue or red motif. But when recipients tear into their presents they'll come face to face with a bevy of jaw-droppingly attractive beauties or blokes in the almost altogether. It's enough to make Benny Hill blush! What's more, the tasteful but provocative poses struck by these scantily-clad sirens and underwear adorned Adonises are certain to stimulate the most jaded of present opener. And even if nuddy ladies and men don't float your boat, Raunchy Wrapping Paper still represents a fabulously glam alternative to regular gift wrap.

In fact, Raunchy Wrapping Paper is so delightfully distracting friends might even forgive you for presenting them with novelty socks for the umpteenth year on the trot. So come on, what are you waiting phwoar? We reckon Raunchy Wrapping Paper is going to fly off the shelves faster than you can say 'Oo-er missus, I've caught me double entendre in your ribbon rosette.' Grrrr!

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Please note:
  • Rated 16+ for nude naughtyness.
  • May not be suitable for your gran.
  • Raunchy Wrapping Paper blue stripes has ladies printed on the reverse.
  • Raunchy Wrapping Paper red stripes has gents printed on the reverse.
  • Measures approximately 84cm(L) x 59cm(W)

Customer Reviews

This is a hilarious item if you give it to somebody who is not expecting it. I bought the 'female' one (NOT for me, but for a male friend) and he hadn't a clue what he was about to unveil as he opened his present. Funny perhaps for the younger generation, perhaps not suited to your grandma/grandpa though!
Pen - 17th October 2011
Firebox says: Indeed Pen!
This was a really good buy from Firebox ! My friend loved the gift paper. I thought the product was good value for money as the paper itself was good quality and had enough of it to cover a pretty big present. Would buy again for someone different.
Barny - 3rd June 2011
My fiance's birthday is on Valentine's Day so this was perfect for wrapping his birthday present (a Supercar Racing Experience also from Firebox!!). He loved it, tried his hardest not to rip it so he could keep it, nothing like Naughty Wrapping Paper to bring out the perv in you =) On a sensible note, this paper is great quality too!
Liz - 21st February 2011
Does it come with only one sheet or two??
Chelsie - 4th November 2010
Firebox says: The wrapping paper comes as one sheet, but it's a biggun (84cm x 59cm, or 33.1" x 23.2" for you dinosaurs)
I bought the male AND female one for my friends birthday. I'm sure he'll get a shock then be pleasantly surprised (Well, depending which order he opens them in). Arrived very quickly, once again very impressed. Got free shipping code, and also one on the receipt which surprised me. And a bag of sweets. Damn, Firebox you never cease to amaze me.
Steven - 14th April 2010
A cautionary tale - this time last year, I bought the raunchy girl wrapping paper from firebox to wrap my brothers' and my boyfriend's Christmas presents in. On Christmas Day, my boyfriend unwrapped his presents in front of all my family, only to say "oh my god I've slept with her..."!!
Sarah - 8th December 2009