Rock Beat Drumsticks

Beat it!

Rock Beat Drumsticks

Beat it!

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Q: What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? A: A drummer. Yes, we know that's not particularly funny but it illustrates the gulf between tub thumpers and the rest of the musical community.

Of course some of the criticism levelled at skinbashers is perfectly justified. Remember, we are talking about people who bash things with sticks. And for every Keith Moon there's always a Luke (Bros) Goss or Whatsername Corr to add impetus to the drummers are dimbos lobby. Indeed, some drummers are so inept they make the Duracell Bunny look like Buddy Rich! That's why we thought we'd whack some much needed credibility into the world of crashes, splashes, toms and flamadiddles with Rock Beat Drumsticks.

Rock Beat Drumsticks These ingenious electronic sticks represent a huge advance in the field of pretending to play the drums, as you don't need an accompanying drum kit to start knocking out a few funky beats. That's because Rock Beat Drumsticks feature nifty built-in speakers that blast out a variety of drum sounds every time the rubber tips hit a surface or strike the air with anything more than a tap.

Rock Beat Drumsticks Nifty buttons change the sound from snare drum to tom-tom to crash cymbal, and you can also make a right Ringo out of yourself bashing along to a tune. Better still, bright LEDs within the Rock Beat's durable tips mean you can flail around in the dark. Any more sophisticated and you could join Pink Floyd on stage for an impromptu jam (although you'd probably be bundled off and sectioned in the Rod, Jane and Freddie home for the musically insane before you played your first comedy count-in).

Rock Beat Drumsticks

Rock Beat Drumsticks Rock Beat Drumsticks are musical must-haves for anyone who's ever pretended to drum along to their favourite ditty, even if it's only the intro to EastEnders. So why not make like a real drummer right now by clicking, no, bashing the 'Add to Cart' button and indulging in some hi-tech crash, bang, wallop!

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  • Approximately 34cm (L)
Battery Requirements:
  • 4x AA Batteries - not included!

Customer Reviews

I bought these about 12 months go and I still play with them...they are great fun, I recently moved to America and left them in the UK by mistake, I really miss them so will have to get some more lol.
Susie - 9th March 2010
What age children are these suitable for?
Shinku - 27th November 2009
Firebox says: Not recommended for children under 3 years
I want some of those.
Jonlewis - 22nd September 2009
I played with these for a bit when a friend got them and ordered some from firebox at the beginning of the year when they were sold out. Can't wait until they're back in stock!
Katy - 2nd May 2008
Why does everybody keep complaining about how the sticks aren't real enough, they aren't supposed to be like the real thing, they're a novelty, so they're just meant to be fun. And what's all this about the membrane on the drum and all that, well how on earth are they supposed to recreate the feel of the drumstick bouncing off of the drum skin!?!. In my opinion they are a great toy, and really fun to play a beat or two with.
Ed Bargate - 23rd April 2008
Firebox says: Fight the power Ed! Say it how it is!
The electronic sticks don't have the weight distribution, "bounce" and feel of real drumsticks. These are only good for bashing on stuff, not for practicing and applying the form, rudiments and finesse that in part comprise a real drummer's complex musical craft. To achieve this latter aim, one must have both drumsticks AND an oscillating tympanic membrane ("skins") to bounce them against. Drummers are "dummies" who "bash things with sticks"!? And Billie Holiday - I suppose she just went onstage and bitched about men. (However, Keith Moon: DUMMY).
John Renshaw - 15th April 2007
Firebox says: Very technical, thanks for your expert knowledge John!