Wine Glass Holder

A sucker for wine

Wine Glass Holder

A sucker for wine

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These days a trip to the bathroom isn't just about performing one's ablutions before the hot water runs out. It's about pampering yourself silly and pretending you're in some luxury faraway spa. That's why we occasionally like to dim the lights and throw a few scented petals in the communal hot tub here at the Firebox Retreat & Spa.

But you don't have to spend squillions to indulge in a bit of bath time decadence. In fact, all you really need is a nice glass of wine to sip as you soak. Because there's nothing better than sinking into a bubble bath with a Sauvignon Blanc in one hand and a soapy sponge in the other.

Wine Glass Holder The problem is, most bathrooms are full of slippery surfaces, so it's not always easy finding somewhere safe to park your glass mid-sip. And nobody wants to bathe in broken glass and Beaujolais, do they? Of course you could use your toothbrush beaker, but that's a bit like serving canapés on a soap dish. Besides, spearmint flavoured wine is horrible. So how do you make like a billionaire at bath time without employing the services of a butler? Easy, you buy the ingenious Wine Glass Holder.

Wine Glass Holder Thanks to a powerful suction cup this chic, unobtrusive little device clings to almost any smooth bathroom surface, allowing you to sip wine safely in the tub. Simply slide the stem of your glass into the Wine Glass Holder's stylish embrace and you can get busy with the loofah without having to worry about knocking your vino everywhere. The Wine Glass Holder is particularly useful if you've got one of those minimalist bathrooms, because as long as you've got some smooth verticals around the tub, you can put your wine down without ruining that oh-so-trendy clutter-free look.

Wine Glass Holder The Wine Glass Holder makes a perfect pressie for anyone who appreciates a bit of bath time luxury. And once you give it a go you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. So come on, don't just sit there waiting for your fingers to prune - bathe like a billionaire with a Wine Glass Holder. Cheers!

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Please Note:
  • Ensure holder is firmly attached to the surface before use.
  • Do not leave unattended.
  • Remove after use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Customer Reviews

My father-in-law was so impressed by our wine glass holder that I bought one for him. He has now attached it to his wheelchair(with a screw)which has made moving about at parties much easier. Any chance of it being made in other colours?
Justine Burton - 10th March 2006
Excellent idea. Would make a great lil pressie. I've tried these in the bathroom with tea lights on them. Very convinient and gives a relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for the bath lover.
James Glover - 1st December 2005
These are the best invention in the world! No more getting cold reaching for the glass! Or spilling it all over the place! Glad I got too many, one left for me! Excellent!
Robyn Moore - 8th November 2005
I bought these to give to friends who own a canal boat. They also own a bouncy dog. Dog + glass of wine = spills on small boat, so they make a sensible and very practical gift. I thought of them as soon as I saw this gadget, and as my friend is an engineer I know he will be delighted with it. Many Thanks Firebox.
Dawn Holmes - 29th October 2005