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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

iDog Pups

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

iDog Pups

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Sorry, this product is not available.

Sorry! This product is no longer available but the following accessories are still available while stocks last:




Guess what musical mutt fans? Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, iDog has spawned a litter of über-funky puppies!

i-dog pup

i-dog pup Not as sophisticated as their dawg-gone dude of a dad, iDog Pups are still hip to the latest grooves. Just sit one near a speaker and his/her lights will flash in time to the music. iDog Pups also bop and move to the beat.

But here’s the good bit: each pup has its own distinctive musical taste (choose from Rock, Dance, Pop or Hip Hop). And when the music stops, iDog Pups will play 12 of their own style-specific tunes.

Just like iDog, these impossibly cute canines react to the tunes you play, and the rhythm of their music tells you what kind of mood they’re in: excited, happy, lonely or sad. You’d be barking mad not to give one a home!

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Please note:
  • For ages 8 and over.
  • Headphones/ipod not included.
  • Does not download, record or store music.
  • Built in speaker.
  • Senses touch and sound.
  • Plays, listens and dances to music.
  • Seven lights show emotion.
  • 4 personalities available (Rock, Pop, Dance + Hip Hop).
  • 4 emotions.
iPod Compatibility:
iPod Compatibility

Battery Requirements:
  • Requires 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • Phillips / cross-head screwdriver (not included) required to insert batteries.

Customer Reviews

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My daughter received her iDog as a gift. She loves dressing it up in the winter outfit that came with it and watching the dog's reaction to music. However, we have misplaced the dual jack headphone lead. Can we order a replacement somewhere?
Julee, Pennsylvania - 4th August 2007
Firebox says: We're sure other sites sell them, just do an internet search and it should bring up some results.
I just got my I-Dog today!! Thanks Firebox! Fast Delivery! Very cute!
Alwin, London - 28th June 2007
I just ordered this iDog thing today. I was hesitating at first but when I read the reviews I said to myself, I need to get this thing! lol I got an iPod Nano and this can be a good companion when listening to music! Thanks Firebox!
Alwin, London - 26th June 2007
These are really cute... My brother's ordered an ipup for my birthday, but where can you get the dual jack headphone lead? Because they dont seem to be included =/.
Nadine, Hartlepool - 2nd June 2007
Firebox says: Hi Nadine, the dual lead is only really needed with the iDog as it acts as a speaker. As the iPup is not a speaker it does not need a dual jack. Hope this helps!
The best way to listen to music: hook up your mp3 and watch this dog dance while you listen to the beat. Even my real dogs in love with it, it's so cute!
Sarah, Lichfield - 13th May 2007
I really like the I dog I got, he's very cute and interesting but there is one problem. There is no way to turn it of (to make it shut up!). Can you help me!!!!!
Danielle, Ontario - 5th April 2007
Firebox says: Leave the little fella for around 30-45 mins and he will settle down. Or hold down his nose. He will start to bust a move to any noise or attention given though!